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Reunion Season 4

Heidi asks the designers who they think the toughest judge was, and they say it was her. She's stunned and doesn't think of herself like that. Tim thinks that it was because the designers were so good this year, and it raised the level of conversation. I guess that's true. Nina says that she's glad there is another bad cop on board this year. Someone came up to her recently and called her "Mean-a Garzilla," which is pretty hysterical and a great diva name. Michael and Heidi agree! Nina says that she may seem harsh, but she's trying to judge them based on what she is seeing in the market. Michael adds that, ultimately, "real fashion people" understand that every designer is different. They want them to be their best. Ricky agrees. He was judged the most and feels that all of the input was helpful.

New question: Someone wonders how Michael Kors can be a "top American designer" when all he ever wears is a black t-shirt, black blazer, and blue jeans. Michael says he does that because it's easy. He says that he was a total trendoid when he was 18, and they show pictures. Jesus H, that became a fashion designer? Bill Gates, you may have that couture collection yet. When Michael started working in fashion, he wanted to stop thinking about his own wardrobe. He loves having been young and ridiculous in fashion though.

Tim introduces a montage of Heidi's "greatest hits." Something tells me there will be mention of a model poo-ing something. Jillian does a pretty mean Heidi impression. She says a bunch of harsh stuff to the designers. When she's telling Ricky that he did too much, she likens it to him being hungry and putting a bunch of food on his plate and not being able to eat it all. Chris says that Heidi is his favorite judge. She compares the competition to dangling sausage in front of their faces and she wonders who will "eat the sausage." Or win. I like "eat the sausage" better. After the montage, Heidi says, "I have a problems for words some times." We all do, Heidi. I'm gasping for words all of the time. Seriously, she said, "gasping." I love her.

The next audience question is for the judges: Who had the worst design? They say that the menswear challenge was the hardest. Heidi recalls that we saw a jacket with no shirt beneath it and Carmen, seriously, snaps, "Thank you, Heidi," and rolls her eyes. She is working the drama tonight, isn't she? Then, she wipes away a tear. She's ridiculous. Michael says that the best challenge was the avant-garde challenge. He felt that the quality of work that came out of it was extremely high. He also loved the commercial appeal of the second garment that they made for that challenge. Sweet P says she thinks that her diva outfit was the worst design of the season, but she's wrong.

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