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Reunion Season 4

The next question is whether or not Tim makes his feelings about the designers' work known to the judges. He says no. Also, because he knows what happens in the workroom, he doesn't think he could be an unbiased judge.

Now it's time for the designers to ask questions of the judges. Chris asks them what they write on the cards during the runway shows. They write their scores (1-5). Michael also writes quick visceral reactions to the designs.

Tim asks if anyone thought they went home too early. Jack does. So does Chris -- but he got to come back. Tim directs the question to Marion, and he says that he deserved to go home, because he didn't perform; however, designing from inexpensive materials is not his forte. He's more avant-garde and wishes he would have been able to show that.

The next question is not really a question. Someone at home thinks that sending Kevin home for the prom challenge was the worst decision the judges ever made. They reiterate all the things they hated about it, and Kevin goes, "We're back here again! Jesus Christ!" and laughs. Heidi asks Christian if he thought he'd go home for that challenge, and he says yes. So she asks Kevin if he thought Christian should go home, and he says that he looked at it (much like the judges, or so we're told) from the perspective of his entire output. He thinks Christian is crazy talented and wants to see what he can do. That's so sweet. He says that, if the judges had asked him, he would have said that he himself should go home. Christian points out that his client was difficult and he would have loved to have Kevin's model. Michael says that at least Christian put a lot of work into his design, whereas he didn't feel the work so much with Kevin's.

Heidi asks the designers if they have any advice for future PR designers. Rami says that it's not easy and you have to have a passion for the work. Victorya says that the challenge is being your TV self then going out and being your real self. Tim asks her what she means (I get the feeling that he really doesn't like her), and she says that the work they do on the show doesn't relate to the outside world. Heidi asks the others if they agree (though I'm still not entirely sure of what she's saying-- the work is not relatable or your personality is different on TV?), and Carmen says that she was herself but under different constraints.

Heidi announces the fan favorite -- it's Christian! He doesn't seem surprised and pretends badly that he is. Michael Knight from last season brings out a Christian-sized check for $10 grand. Tim points out that Christian was just talking about needing money and he replies, "I know! I'm so poor!" Michael tells us he's releasing a new fragrance. Well, that sounds like a really bad idea. Good luck, Michael. He's wearing it, and Christian says that it smells good and it seems like he means it, so...Michael introduces a "fierce" clip of Christian saying that damn word a lot of times. We even see Tim saying it several times. After the montage, Christian vows to not say the word again on the show. WE'LL SEE.

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