Project Runway
Reunion Season 4

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Reunion Season 4

With the four finalists gone again, the other designers predict who will win. Sweet P says Rami. She thinks his collection will be wearable and his experience will help him. Stephen thinks it's Christian or Jillian. Carmen says Rami. Kit says Jillian. Ricky says Jillian too. Victorya says Christian, because he is the most talented of all of them. Kind of snotty. Kevin thinks Christian or Jillian. Marion thinks Rami. Jack thinks Rami or Chris. Wow -- that looks like Rami kind of has the most votes of confidence there. Tim says that he has seen the collections and doesn't envy the judges. Auf Wiedersehen!

Jeff Long is a writer/performer living in New York City. He can be contacted at He feels badly that Julie Christie lost the Oscar to that French girl.

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