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Give Me One Moment In Tan

Korto says that she wanted her outfit to be modern. Nina says it's very chic. Heidi says that the Americans would be proud. Apolo says that he was a big fan.

Jerell says that he tried to create a replica of 1920's sportswear. Apolo says it's unique and Jerell says that he's going to take that as a compliment because he doesn't think he's going to get another one. Apolo adds that it doesn't look athletic. Nina starts laughing and says that she's puzzled. Michael is hysterical. He thinks it looks uncomfortable. Heidi thinks it's really creative, but it's out there.

The judges talk. They feel like Korto nailed it. It was sporty and modern. Apolo liked the simplicity and stylishness of Terri's outfit. Nina liked that it was versatile. Nina says that Joe is the only one to make something literal.

Michael says that Jerell's design was a costume, though creative. Apolo thought that Jennifer's design was bland. Nina repeats her critique of Jennifer not being able to separate herself from the challenge. Michael says that if someone's sport is drinking, Daniel's outfit might work. Nina is perplexed that he didn't realize what a wrong track he was on.

The designers return to the stage. Joe is in. The winner is...Korto!! Terri is a great sport about it and looks very happy for her. Korto leaves the stage. She interviews that she feels so good and feels confirmed and "it's about freaking time." Terri is in.

Jerell is in. He looks relieved. Daniel looks like he's about to crack! I love it. Heidi says that Daniel made a sad cocktail dress and he shakes his head like he's going to cry and scream. She tells Jennifer that she's stuck in the past. Jennifer is...out. Daniel doesn't really offer much sympathy. Jennifer gets her kiss and leaves. She says that she doesn't feel like her garment was "stuck in the past" but she probably should have gone in a more sporty direction. She says that she worked hard and is not happy to be leaving. Tim ushers her out and says that she is incredibly talented. I feel kind of bad for her. The future's bright and she's keep on trying and so on.

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