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Kelli says that they pass a hospital and she gets really nervous because she doesn't want to design a nurse's uniform or scrubs. However, she says that she would design a good straitjacket. I like Kelli, but sometimes it seems like she's trying a little too hard. Right? Also, I think it would be totally rad if they designed nurse's uniforms. Imagine how hot Kenley's would be!

Tim makes the mistake of engaging with Blayne and asks him how often he tans. He says that, if he had his way, he would tan every other day. Tim points out what a huge time commitment that would be. Blayne says that his tanning is akin to other people going to the gym. or contributing to society. In his interview, he says with the most embarrassing intensity, "I just want to tan."

Finally, the designers arrive at The Armory-- the track and field center in the Bronx. Jennifer interviews that she's nervous because this seems like a very different challenge. Led by Tim, the designers walk across a running track. Rayon interviews, "Oh my gosh, this place is ginormous!" They watch someone speed-skating around the track. He stops and approaches them. It's Apolo Ohno! I really don't like his facial hair. Distracting and Rayon-like.

Apolo is going to present the challenge. He tells them that they want to see what the designers would create for the U.S. Olympic team to wear at the opening ceremony of the Summer Olympics. Daniel interviews that he has never watched the opening ceremony before. His guess is that "someone holds a flame and runs around a track field." Tim says that, though there are of course men and women on the U.S. Olympic team, the designers will only be creating women's wear.

Tim asks Apolo to describe attending the opening ceremony of the Olympics. He says it's like the athletes' version of a catwalk. We see a shot of him from the opening ceremony that he attended. His outfit looks kind of weird to me. Is that a beret he's wearing? How American. It's more like a squashed toque hat, but it has enough of a beret feel to give pause. Apolo says that, in the ceremony, you are walking with honor because you are representing your country. It's dear to his heart. The designers look at him like he's speaking a completely foreign language. Tim says that this challenge is an opportunity for the designers to think about how they would present the image of the U.S. to the rest of the world. He points out that designers such as Giorgio Armani (for Italy) and Ralph Lauren (for the U.S.-- this year) have designed for the opening ceremony.

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