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Blayne is all posey in his interview and says that the Olympics are humongous and that "thousands and millions and billions of people"... Attend? Watch at home? Who knows. He says that, hell yeah, he's going for the gold. Someone behind the scenes has to be making this as annoying as it is. Who's doing it? Why are they doing it? I don't want to know that Rayon's all in awe of the ginormous track or that Blayne is going for the gold. Stop asking them those questions.

Apolo says that The Armory is home to an Olympics museum, which will give them some hints about opening ceremonies in the past. The designers will have the museum totally to themselves. They will have some time to sketch-- then, on to Mood. Apolo will also be the guest judge. He wishes everyone luck, then he's out of there. Stella moans that she's really scared of this challenge and Joe says that it's right up his alley.

While they are looking around the museum, Joe interviews that he has watched the opening ceremony of the Olympics since he was 12. He thinks that this will be an opportunity for him to show his sportswear background. We see a shot of Daniel wandering around-- he asks if the picture he's looking at is of the opening ceremony. It's not. Terri interviews that she has seen a lot of Olympic games and she's thinking that her design will be "classic, Americana sportswear."

Tim points out to Stella a photo of a woman doing the high jump in a fur bandeau top and fur-trimmed black satin bottom. She says she knows what she'll do now. She interviews that she's a "true cave girl." She likes leathah and fur. She's thinking "bold, progressive, aerodynamic" like a gladiator. Jennifer is interested in re-interpreting an old satin tracksuit that she finds. Jerell says that he is drawn by one photo of the team in blazers and hats.

Tim asks Daniel how he's doing and he says that he is stumped. He interviews that he's into high-end glamour. This has nothing to do with that. The last statement is accompanied by an old photo of Victorian-age women in a foot race-- in corsets and floor-length dresses. Daniel says that he finds it all very confusing. Somebody needs to lower their dose of Adderall. It's not confusing, Daniel. It's sports. Joe says, "Let the fashion games begin," and they're off to Mood.

At Mood, Korto says that she's going for leather and linen. She's trying to be different from everyone else. She felt she was getting some weird looks about the leather she chose, but she says, "Worry about that plaid that you're picking up." Kenley, I think she was talking to you. Kenley says that she wants to stick with white and blue, because it's more tasteful to her.

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