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Give Me One Moment In Tan

Tim questions why Stella has chosen black. She asks him if she has done something bad and he says that he was just inquiring. That's not true though -- he looks totally disgusted. She explains that she is going to trim it with red, white, and blue. She interviews that she is a little nervous about the black stretch satin that she chose, but she couldn't help herself. "Black is cool."

There's a moment of tension because while Terri's back was turned, Keith took for himself some of the fabric that she had pulled. He tries to say that he has just been asking the attendant to pull fabrics and that's one of the ones he got, but she says she'd pulled that one herself. She interviews that "a sister gotta keep one eye open, that's all I'm saying." I love her. She's the best one, right?

Back at the workroom, everyone gets to it. Tim enters and tells them that the winner will have immunity in the next challenge. He says he wants everyone to "pull the stops out." After he leaves, the group starts talking about their experience with sports. Stella remembers that she took modern dance. Leanne was a cheerleader and she says she's embarrassed to admit it. She qualifies it by saying that she had been a gymnast and a dancer. Joe played football and he's very proud to tell us. He interviews that his design will include a "skort"-- shorts in the front, skirt in the back. His two daughters play softball, so he wants to win this for them. Back to high school days, he says that everyone grew after freshman year (except for him) so he couldn't play football anymore after that. "Then, I started sewing!" Daniel facetiously replies that he has been in the same position. He interviews that he has nothing to do with sports. Also, he went to boarding school and thinks that uniforms make everyone look generic. So he's going to really knock this one out of the park. He's making a cocktail dress. For this challenge.

Blayne says that he is an Olympic athlete in tanning, and "it only goes to bronze medal." He interviews that he's getting paler and paler and "by the end of the season" he will be frail and white. Because tanning also makes you strong? Also, I'm hoping that "by the end of the season" we will have spent several months not seeing Blayne at all. Korto asks him how he felt when they passed a tanning booth that day and he replies that he teared up a little bit. Jerell interviews that Blayne is "becoming tanorexic." He says that his blonde highlights are the only things keeping him alive. He'd love to see him with bronzer. Tanorexic is when you can't stop tanning though, right? So, why would getting paler make you tanorexic? Get your shit together, Jerell.

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