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With three hours remaining in the day, Tim enters. He talks to Joe about his design. Tim likes the skort idea. He also thinks that the idea is witty. He approaches Blayne, who is working on a blazer. He says that he didn't want to make a dress, but instead wanted to do something "literal." Tim doesn't know what he means. He means like athletic. Tim says it looks like Sgt. Pepper and Blayne doesn't know what he's talking about. Fuck that. Tim is flabbergasted and says, "Oh God, youth." Frankly, I don't mind having to have heard how stupid Blayne is in order to hear Tim say that. That's like child abuse though-- who doesn't tell their kid about The Beatles? He says something stupid about seeing Across the Universe but he's stupid and I don't want to listen to him anymore. And yet I must. He says that maybe he likes The Beatles "more progressive and into the now." Yeah, he said that. Then, they exchange some "Holla At Your Boys" and Tim leaves him.

Tim looks worried for Daniel. He goes through the ideas for the top of his design and says that he's worried about making his model look like Wonder Woman. Tim says that Olympians are wonder women. Tim says that he's seeing in Daniel what he has seen for the past two challenges-- he begins to unravel.

Jerell explains his design to Tim-- he wants to make a pencil skirt with horizontal stripes. Tim reminds Jerell that Olympians are often muscle-bound, and the stripes would make them look wider. Also, Jerell is working some voluminous scarf action at the neck and Tim says that it's looking very Lucy Ricardo (Blayne has only seen the TV movie with Frances Fisher and Sonny from General Hospital).

Tim seems confused that there's no red, white, or blue in Jennifer's design. He says that she was called matronly in the previous challenge and, from across the room, he found the jacket on her design...well, matronly. Ouch.

After Tim leaves, Daniel is still tossing around the idea of a bolero, in red. Kenley hates the idea and says it looks like Wonder Woman-- of course, Daniel doesn't tell her that Tim essentially just said that Wonder Woman is not a bad thing. He interviews that Kenley said the dress was beautiful by itself and didn't need the bolero.

In the sewing room, Daniel is at work. Joe comes in and says, "Daniel rethreaded my machine with red." To Daniel. Daniel's like, "Huh?" And, Joe repeats himself. Mind you, there are at least 15 unoccupied sewing machines in this room right now. This is weird to me and I don't get it. Daniel says that he didn't realize it was Joe's machine. When he had been there earlier, Kenley had been working on it. Joe's kind of not listening to anything and just says that Daniel should pay attention to where people are working. Joe interviews that he has worked at the same machine for the past three challenges, but Daniel is "so into Daniel" that he didn't notice. Now I think I get it. Daniel does seem a little self-involved. This is a personality thing, not about the sewing machine. Joe is defensive and insecure-- Daniel is entitled and oblivious. Bad combo. Joe tells Daniel to pay more attention and Daniel says that there's nothing to pay attention to-- someone had been working on the machine before (Kenley), so how was he to know that it was Joe's machine. Joe repeats that he needs to pay attention and calls him a chump as he leaves. OK, that's weird. Daniel interviews that Joe wants to take it to a "passive-aggressive, vindictive place." Vindictive, maybe. Passive-aggressive, no. He's being pretty aggressive, right?

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