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Daniel is in the sewing room with Terri and Rayon and asks if Joe is psychotic. Rayon interviews that the drama is "whackadoodle." Someone just punch me in the fucking balls or something-- I can't fucking be upright and hear that guy say another goddamn thing like that. STOP HIM. SOMEONE. In the workroom, Korto says to Joe, "You just gotta say 'Wah.'" Now, it's clear to me watching this that Joe thinks she's commiserating with him. Because he says, "Wah, it's all about me, me, me." That's how he feels about Daniel. I think Korto is calling Joe the baby and he's just not getting it. Korto interviews that this is turning into high school and she's ready for college.

The next morning, Jerell interviews that he is realizing that everyone is going to go home...except for him. Terri tells Stella that her outfit has the potential for greatness. Stella interviews that she wants immunity, but it gives you the chance to "fuck up and not get fired for it."

At the workroom, Kenley talks to Daniel about the color of his dress. It's essentially purple, not blue. Kenley interviews that she's worried about him. Tim enters and brings in the models. Joe interviews that he is confident that he will win the challenge. Jerell is hopeful too, even though he admits to having created "a whole lotta look." Blayne says that Jerell's design is the Titanic. "His heart will go on," a behoodied and ridiculous Blayne interviews. Terri is worried about Jennifer, because there is no red anywhere in her design. Korto noticed that most of the other designs were retro and she was glad to be "08."

There's a Saturn commercial with Laura Bennett! I love and miss her. Especially right now.

Heidi greets the designers and reintroduces Apolo. Then the show begins with Korto's design. It's a white pantsuit. The pants are wide-legged and super-fitted at the waist. There's a white camisole topped by a short-sleeved jacket with red leather patches on the shoulder and a blue leather collar. There is also a belt of red and blue leather. It's really sporty, fresh, and flattering. Korto is thrilled.

Rayon's work is next. It's a halter white top, with a voluminous blue skirt with red and white stripes around the circumference. Not to cast aspersions, but...I can't imagine any shot putters doing much for this outfit. It's way too girly. He thinks it would be perfect for the Olympic team.

Here is Kelli's design. It's very 40's. It's a fitted blue skirt with white-lined pockets. Topping it is a short-sleeved red and white print blouse with a bow at the neck. Kelli says that she loves it, but is not sure that it's 100% relevant to the Olympics. Good point-- at least she's admitting it. It would be totally rad if the Olympic team were dressed like this, but it's never gonna happen. I think this retro thing happens when people aren't secure with their own interpretation of something. It's like making a joke when you're uncomfortable being serious.

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