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Next is Blayne. His top is white and one-shouldered and is paired with white slacks. There are red and blue racing stripes on the top. Blayne says that it's a modern take on an Olympic look and I have to agree that it does have a sort of Grecian feel to it, though modernized.

Kenley's design is next. It's a high-waisted skirt of white and blue plaid coupled with a white satin blouse with a rounded collar. Not very Olympian. She thinks it's fashion forward and it represents her as a designer.

Afterwards, Rayon, Kelli, Leanne, Stella, Keith, Blayne, and Kenley are called forward. They're all safe. They leave the runway. The models return for the remaining designers. Terri is asked to explain her inspiration. She says that the Olympics have always been blazer heavy, so she wanted to work off of that. Putting a spin on it meant making it very American, which is what she felt that she did. Apolo loved the colors. Psst, she didn't really choose them, Apolo. Michael thinks it has a Lauren Hutton 1970's vibe. Nina likes the versatility of the outfit.

Jennifer explains that she was inspired by the 1930's tracksuit. Heidi says that she doesn't think it's modern or American. Apolo doesn't see any confidence in the design. Nina says that she thinks Jennifer can't separate her own aesthetic from the demands of the challenge.

Joe is asked about his design. He says that he wanted his design to reflect summer, Olympics, and USA. He feels like he managed that. Heidi asks him about the zipper on the jacket and where he got it. One side is blue and the other is red. Joe tells her that he made it himself. She thinks it's very clever. Apolo likes that Joe's outfit would showcase the physiques of the athletes. Nina is thankful that someone thought about including athletic details in this challenge. Michael doesn't think that the length of the skort works, but the idea is smart.

Daniel tries to put on a happy voice to explain that he was inspired by the 1940's. He wanted to modernize the look, so he went with vibrant colors. Apolo says that there is nothing athletic about the outfit. Nina doesn't think it's relevant at all. How would anyone even know that the team is American? Daniel says the striking red and blue-- Heidi asks where the blue is. That's hysterical. He says that the purple fabric is indeed blue and Nina says with a laugh that there's no way that damn dress is blue. And, I don't know if he did this to try to make the dress look less purple, but Daniel is wearing an actual purple t-shirt. Heidi asks him what color his t-shirt is and tells him that he and his model match. Daniel's sort of melting down right now and I find it fascinating. Apolo suggests that Daniel should have played around with the colors a little more and Daniel replies that he was going to make the jacket but it looked like Wonder Woman. Michael says that color is the least of his worries. He doesn't know where she's from-- he suggests she's from the Republic of Cocktail Land. Heh. Daniel is seriously falling apart.

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