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Road To Runway: Season 3 Casting Special

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Road To Runway: Season 3 Casting Special

And then, Santino is brilliantly reintroduced to us in close-up, chanting some sort of Buddhist thing and sounding like a didgeridoo. As we see a shot of Santino strutting down the street in L.A., he interviews that his life has completely changed since last season. He likes that he'll be walking down the street and has people scream his name from a car. That's kind of sweet. Then, he says, "Every actress that I meet, every musician that I meet wants to be a client of mine." Hmm. Proof? An MTV VJ. She's wearing a red dress of his at the MTV Movie Awards. Santino tells her that she looks beautiful. And, she does. But, you tell me every actress and musician you meet wants your clothes and you give me a freaking VJ? Didn't Jessica Alba alone wear like twelve outfits that night? She couldn't have worn just one of yours? Whatever -- it's a huge deal to have someone wearing your design at an awards show. But, if you talk such a huge game all of the time, people are always going to want to qualify it. I'm only people. Again, though, the dress is beautiful. It's also safe to say that Santino is definitely not a friend of boobies. A girl with even an A+ would have been nip-slippin' in that thing like Tara Reid at a trampoline convention. Santino tells us, "If Vincent Van Gogh had my personality, he might not have had to cut off his ear." Then, he drops his head in attempt to suppress laughter. He just said that on TV. That's kind of great. Santino, despite some of his meaner tendencies, is a really funny guy.

Back at the table discussion with Nina, Michael, and Heidi, Tim tells them that he was worried Santino might try to hog the attention in the auditions. He says that he was wrong, though, and that Santino provided some really great comments. We see Santino earnestly engaged in conversation about several designers while at the auditions. Tim explains to the table that this year's auditions were very different from previous years, and says that a lot of seasoned fashion veterans are starting to see the show as a launching pad. Then, we meet Robert Best. Tim recognizes him when he walks into the audition room. He interviews that he remembers Robert as a student at Parsons. Since then, Robert has been designing for Barbie. He seems like a really sweet guy. He jokes that he's ready for the next level of his career: "Huge media star." Big laughs from the judges. Tim asks Robert what he thought of last year's Barbie challenge. He laughs and jokes with Santino that he should have won. We see a clip of Robert's Todd Haynes-esque bio film. His Barbie dresses are actually really beautiful. He says in his video that Barbie was the perfect client. Then, we see Barbie saying that Robert was a total asshole. At the table discussion, Tim informs us that Robert has also already had a line of clothing. Heidi wonders whether he will only be able to design for Barbie, but Tim explains that his line of clothing was actually for real people.

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