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Road To Runway: Season 3 Casting Special

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Road To Runway: Season 3 Casting Special

Tim tells us that some of the people who auditioned really sucked. The mannequins have backed into the shadows. They can't even talk about it right now. One guy's model is like stumbling in this mess of bows and just meringue shit and the designer demurs, "It's a design piece." We see some other monstrosities, including what looks like a really large Sara Gilbert dressed as a bride of death. That actually makes me like her a little bit. One girl has this motorcycle mama meets graffiti artist gear on. It's got stickers and shit all over it and a bustier on top and the girl wearing it looks ridiculous. This sweet little lady with a black bob sitting next to Tim tells the motorcycle mama, "I don't think this is what we're looking for."

Next, Tim introduces the table to Uli. She's from Miami but they saw her at the L.A. auditions. When Heidi hears that she's German, she grabs her portfolio to check out her last name: "Herzner." "Ooh, ja," Heidi responds. This gets a laugh from her tablemates. We meet Uli as she enters the audition. Lots of crazy prints, and the judges are loving it. Apparently, you can also dress her shit up and you can dress it down. Along with "loving a woman's body," that's one of my least fave fashion clichés. It seems more like a kind of clothing than a virtue of the clothing. People wear jeans to the nicest restaurants these days and it seems less about the new flexibility of clothing and more about the level of formality required in society these days. Anypoo, Uli's in. Heidi doesn't feel that her stuff is very sophisticated, and Michael thinks that it's because she's designing for the Miami woman. "Can she make a tweed suit?" he asks menacingly. I don't know why that line is tickling me.

Next, they discuss Jeffrey Sebelia. Tim says that he's "well-known in the community." Jeffrey tells us that he designs for rock stars and "actors that wanna look like rock stars." He lists some people that he has designed for -- including the ever-rocking Jennifer Lopez. We see a clip of his bio video where he's frolicking with his daughter and girlfriend. He tells Tim that his goal is to get some damn funding from Project Runway. Everyone at the table mentions his creativity and wonders what he'll pull out for the more refined challenges.

Tim opens the portfolio of one Stacey Estrella. Stacey has only been involved in fashion for three years and has an MBA from Harvard. Well, it's about damn time she got her head out of the clouds and found something to fall back on. Stacey tells Tim that she wants to build a brand and will do so by following the "Four Cs": Courage, Creativity, Cash, and Cocaine. Oh, those are my "Four Cs." Well, actually just my One C. Stay in school. Courage, Creativity, Cash, and Celebrity are Stacey's Four Cs. Karen Reinitz from Elle is one of the judges now, and tells Stacey that her portfolio is better than the garments that she brought in. Still, she's being ushered through to the semi-finals. At the table, Heidi remarks that a slit on one of the dresses in Stacey's portfolio is really high and, lordy, it is. Michael says, "I know what she had for lunch." Ew, isn't there a less disgusting joke for that occasion? All I think of is poop. He also thinks that perhaps Stacey designs clothes that she herself would wear, which has made successful careers for lots of women fashion designers. Nina Garcia says that Stacey reminds her of "the mother." Tim clarifies that Nina's talking about Wendy Pepper and cringes.

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