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Road To Runway: Season 3 Casting Special

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Road To Runway: Season 3 Casting Special

Next we see a montage of losers, including a girl with the most alarming and unsexy display of cleavage. "I have a lot to show," she says. There's more? One guy is inspired by insects. A girl dressed for an S&M Renaissance fair describes her work as "wearable art." One guy is dressed in this super-tight lace cowboy ensemble, replete with a cowboy hat and exposed midriff. It's so ugly. It's like Porn Star Chic. Not even; it's like Porn Star Knock-off. The Zara of Porn Star Chic. Porn Star Club Monaco, except that everyone will know you're wearing the crap version. He says that men have been "sorely underexposed in terms of being sexy." If I had my junk stuffed into my mom's doilies like this character has done, I'd be pretty sore myself. Santino seems to almost admire the guy (more for his balls, which are on figurative and literal display, than for his taste) and says that he "definitely [has] a point of view." A group that looks like a Sixpence None The Richer cover band is rejected before they even pull out their garments, because their own clothes look so damn stupid. They are shocked.

Next, we meet Bradley Baumkirchner. He's so cute as to provoke me to screaming. For real, he's adorable. In his bio video, he can't really say Project Runway and he seems kind like the weird kid in school who ate dirt and I love him love him on sight. Also, in his video, he does this stop-start-motion thing where his clothes appear on a rack and his own voice accompanies in little bell tones. It's really funny. His sketches look like cartoons, and Nina and Michael love them. Tim says that Bradley's video is what won him over because he came off as smart and intuitive.

Tim goes further to say that a bio video can be really important in the decision to choose a contestant. His example is Austin Scarlett, who was a bit of a cipher at his audition. And, there, on the screen, is our Austin. We see him stammering at his audition, but, on his bio tape, he appears really loose and charming. He gives a tour of Spanish Harlem and seems really passionate about fashion. Then, we see some of his creations from Season 1.

Ooh, more Austin! He tells us that he has been making wedding gowns for the Kenneth...Pool line. Okay, I need to pull out the hearing aid. In the recaplet, I wrote "Kenneth Cole." Because that's what I thought I heard. How stupid. Has anyone ever seen a freaking Kenneth Cole wedding dress? EVER?! His boss is Amsale, who was one of the judges for the wedding dress challenge from Season 1. They show a clip from the runway show of that episode where Amsale's hating all over Austin's gown. It was pretty stupid-looking. Now, though, we see Amsale paying Austin some lovely compliments. Alone, he interviews that he is glad he didn't take Michael's and Nina's advice. We see them complaining about Austin's couture sensibilities. He says he is glad that he did it his way.

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