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Road To Runway: Season 3 Casting Special

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Road To Runway: Season 3 Casting Special

Next, we meet Steve Rosengard, a pretty quiet guy. He's not very interesting. His bio video is kind of odd and sexual. He's at a dress form and he says, "This is where the magic happens." Then, he's on his bed and he says it happens there, too. Then, he's sitting on the floor in his hallway or something and says that the magic also happens there sometimes. No wonder he seems so boring. He's exhausted from all of the magic. He says that he has loved fashion since he was eleven. Michael says that he likes Steve's construction skills, but is not sure about his taste.

In Miami, Chloe Dao helps Tim judge. We see her greeting all of the people at the auditions. She looks really cute. She's still running her store in Houston. There's a video screen in the store that shows a continual loop of Project Runway. Chloe defends her choice to stay in Houston by saying that she wants to be near her family and boyfriend. She feels that she can be current in Houston. Then, God help me, she says something about "NewYorkParisMilan" that I just. Can't. Catch. Fucking Chloe talks so fast. Judging from the context, I think that she feels she can keep up with the trends in those places. She says that her life has changed because now she can charge more for her clothing.

First, we meet Michael Knight. He tells them that he created the three designs he has with him from challenges in Season 2. Tim wishes that he had just brought in stuff that showed who he was. Michael replies that he still showed himself in the designs; he just based them on the show's suggestions. Chloe says that she likes it. She interviews that she would have expected Michael's stuff to be really hip-hop (he's African-American), but he made some really beautiful gowns. She also says that she was the only judge to root for him. Tim passes him through. As he's leaving, Michael says, "Tim Gunn, you rock." Heidi remarks that Michael "likes to show the curves." Then, we see a photo from his portfolio of this hot pants-and-bandeau top combo that is WAY over the top. Heidi gets the giggles. Tim says that he's not a fan of Michael's taste, but Kors and Nina say that he might not be aware that "his presentation is off." That seems a touch patronizing, but he got in.

Next up is Jonathan Haggerty. He has brought in black evening gowns. In his bio video, he says he was inspired by a trip to Paris, which I guess is all black now. He tells the judges that, if something isn't a challenge, he doesn't feel like he will learn anything. Michael Kors remarks that some of Jonathan's work looks "student-y." Then, we see a montage of people being told by Tim Gunn that their work looks like "student work." Tim interviews that he doesn't use the term disrespectfully -- rather, he uses it descriptively. Something can be well done and still look like student work. That's how I feel about Cate Blanchett's acting.

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