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Road To Runway: Season 3 Casting Special

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Road To Runway: Season 3 Casting Special

Katherine Gerdes is next. She's just out of school. On her bio video, she tells us that we can call her "Katie." Very well. Katie's mother is on the video, dressed very flamboyantly. She says that Katie gets us style "from her mom." Katie's a snowboard instructor for children. Based on the designs Katie brought to the audition, Chloe doesn't feel like she has a point of view. Joann Pailey -- this severe woman from Elle judging with them -- says she wishes she hadn't seen Katie's designs, because they make her sad. Tim Gunn has confidence in Katie, though, and passes her through. Michael Kors likes that she makes sportswear separates. Heidi is into it, too, though she notes that Katie puts boots with all of her outfits. Michael says, "We'll get her into a stiletto yet."

Tim interviews that Project Runway has helped a lot of young designers, as well as more established designers. Then, we see Kara Saun. She says that the best thing that ever happened to her was not winning Project Runway. Why? Because people wouldn't have called her because they would have thought that she was too busy. That premise seems a little strained. She got an investor and was able to mount a show for Fashion Week. The clothes look gorgeous. She also created some of Heidi's maternity wear from last season! I loved that stuff!

In New York, Daniel Vosovic helps Tim Gunn judge! He, too, was trotted out to wish good luck to the designers. Daniel welcomes us into his apartment and he, too, practices magic there, or so he tells us. Daniel interviews that Project Runway can only take you to a certain level; beyond that, it's your own job. So, he wants to take his time launching his own line in order to avoid any missteps. He would like to apprentice for someone, but would still like to dress people for events to keep his "name relevant." And, he's still cute.

The first designer we see auditioning in New York is Jillian Lewis. She seems a little spacey. She just quit her job at Ciro, and says that she might die because all of the ideas in her head might explode. Painful death, I'd imagine. Michael Kors says her stuff is immaculate.

Next, we meet Keith Michael. He's kind of sexy. He tells the judges that he has only brought menswear to show. The photos of his women's wear that he brought are from Wyeth, a line on which he collaborated with another person. Joann from Elle must have low blood sugar or something, 'cause bitch freaks out. She starts riding Keith, and he says that he feels like the construction of his menswear would translate into women's wear. Joann tries to tell him that she's being easy on him "compared to how the other judges will be," but she's still a bitch. Daniel explains that they need to know what his point of view as a women's wear designer would be. Tim admires Keith for putting up an argument. Tim also found Keith powerful (read: he's kind of sexy). Michael and Nina love his portfolio.

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