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Road To Runway: Season 3 Casting Special

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Road To Runway: Season 3 Casting Special

Laura Bennett is introduced next. She's got a very low-cut dress on and her red hair is glossy and pulled back very tightly. She's pale and is wearing bright red lipstick. Tim mentions that she is an architect. Daniel asks her how much experience she has had in fashion, and she says, "Absolutely none, professionally." She's very strong answering that. People never like to say that they have no experience at something, and she did it in the best way just then. She says that she considers design to be about problem solving, and feels that the principles of design can also be applied to fashion. Tim likes Laura's clothes, but isn't sure that he see greatness in her. In her bio video, we see that she has five children. Damn. So, this would be like a vacation for her. Michael and Nina love her. Heidi is impressed that she can look so put together with so many children. I'm assuming she took more than a month off between the birth of one child and the conception of the next. That probably helps a little. Laura looks like she might be one of those polarizing designers this season. People will probably love her or hate her. I think I'm on the pole that loves her. I'm gonna say that's the North Pole. Everybody loves Santa Claus.

Tim interviews that the audition process is exhausting, which means that they want to get people who "aren't right" out of the room as quickly as possible. We see him shut down a few people as they are walking into the room. One guy only has some sketches on an art tablet. No clothes. No portfolio. Tim spends a moment looking at it, then says he's insulted that the guy is so unprepared. Then, he shoots him in the head. Just kidding. But, the guy DOESN'T get passed through to the semi-finals.

Tim gives a portfolio to Michael and Nina and says, "Alison." Michael thinks that she's cute. Tim says that she's nice, as well. "I'm calling the newspapers," replies Michael. We see Alison Kelly at her audition. She is adorable, like a kewpie doll. In her bio video, she shows a photo series that she designed and styled. I love her voice. She already had a line, but was only breaking even financially and wants the publicity that Project Runway offers. (Since it's fair game for established designers to audition, I want to see Todd Oldham on here. Just putting that out there.) Nina and Michael really like the art direction of Alison's portfolio. "The makeup's gorge," says Michael. He can have a poopie grimace of a face sometimes, but Michael Kors is a funny guy.

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