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Road To The Runway

John Wade describes his design. He says it is "tailored and finished." Zulema weighs in that she feels John's work was "weak." She feels that the shape is too simple for the amount of fabric that they were given. "I don't understand why he didn't make more. Give us a jacket. Give us some boots. A matching hat. Something." I'm interested to see Zulema's line of muslin boots. You? ["Well, and at least his design covered the ass, Zulema. Hate." -- Sars] She has a point about the shape, though. It's simple. John, for his part, compliments Zulema's design, remarking that it must have taken "hours and hours" to complete. She kind of bulldozes in her interview that she needs to fit her model because she is "not going home today." I'm hearing a little beep on my trouble radar. Zulema, you've been detected.

With an hour and a half before the show, Tim enters with the models. Each of the models goes to the designer to which they've been assigned --they have photos of the designers.

Nick and his model, Tarah, meet, and they seem like a good match. Nick interviews that he has "an innate feeling for models" because they are muses who bring his work life. There's fitting mayhem. Diana Eng's garment includes magnets that give you the ability to add a bustle to the garment, changing the silhouette as you are wearing it. The magnets aren't working right, though. She believes that their polarity has been reversed. Tim starts to rush everyone when they have only twenty minutes to go. Daniel interviews that he is really nervous going into the show. He has a kind of freak-out where's he's like, "Why am I doing this? I have a life!" Poor guy, I feel for him a little. His design looks nice, though. Commercials.

Heidi greets the designers on the runway, looking more pregnant than she was two hours ago. She tells them that, since they had a week to work on their designs, their outfits "better look amazing." The judges are introduced. Michael Kors, Nina Garcia, and Heidi are judging.

The show begins. First, we have Chloe's design. It's a floor-length evening gown. There is a lot of movement at the bottom of the dress. The bodice is pretty straightforward with spaghetti straps that cross a bare back. Chloe interviews that she hopes her dress is good enough.

Raymundo Baltazar's design is next. It is a green dress with a matching small sleeveless jacket. There's an ostrich plume or some sort of feather on the lapel of the jacket. The skirt is really youthful and ends above the knee. There's a black and gold brocade trim at the hem of the dress. As well, there's some ornate detailing at the neckline. It's strapless. It's very pretty. He interviews that seeing his model wearing his dress was overwhelming. Michael seems interested in this design.

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