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Here's Daniel Vosovic's design. It's a short dress, well above the knee. It has a halter top. There is some beading that runs up the bodice and top, creating a sort of diamond. Daniel interviews that the judges made him nervous. His dress doesn't seem to fit the model all that well. It almost makes her butt look big, which can't be true. These girls all seem small.

Nick's design is next. It's very dramatic. It's a floor-length, orange, halter-style dress with a matching jacket. There's a line at the bottom of the bodice that runs up her back and meets with the halter straps at her neck. Beneath that line is an open back. There's so much detail. There is pleating on the bodice. There are faint lines running vertically on the gown. The jacket is super-fitted. Nick interviews that he knew his work was "jammin'." He just hopes that the judges "aren't blind" and see what everyone else sees. This actually comes off more playful than egotistical, but that line gets fine, Nick.

We see Santino's dress next. His model, Heather, looks ten feet tall in it. The dress is really intricate. It's short and green with an empire waist. The skirt is really full and there are straps that join below the bosom, creating a giant "V." The straps are a darker green than the rest of the dress. There is so much detailing on this dress; the back is all of the asymmetrical bunching and pleating that really looks amazing. This design rocks. Santino interviews that the design's greatness is "undeniable." Now, this actually does come off as egotistical, but it also comes off as true.

Zulema's model is next. Her name is Rachael and she's wearing a dress with a full, pleated skirt and a jacket (fitted, again) with shoulder pads. The model didn't take off the jacket. Zulema interviews that she loves her design and hopes that the judges don't think her "crazy" for including shoulder pads.

Emmett's design follows Zulema's. He watches very robotically from the sidelines. The design is lovely. It's a short pink dress, with a kind of sheath-like bodice. The skirt flares and moves really beautifully. The neckline features a few cutouts with really interesting whimsical shapes. There's a small matching jacket that has the same cutouts all over it. It looks like it contains as much negative space as it does fabric. It's really interesting and looks like it took a lot of work -- and is also very wearable. Emmett interviews that the dress is great for a summer afternoon "right off of the beach." Keeping in mind the parameters of this challenge ("Design something that expresses who you are as a designer"), I wouldn't have pegged Emmett for a "right off the beach" kind of guy. Looks more like a foxhunt, pot roast, WASP-y shag carpeting and martinis kind of guy. Not that he has ever been on a foxhunt. I bet he thinks they're cool, though. He says he's very happy with how his design looks.

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