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Next, we have Guadalupe Vidal's design. First impression? I like it. It's a little costume-y, but in a hyper-cool, Gwen Stefani way. There's a mixture of New Look and bustles going on. It's a dress with layering of fabric, asymmetrical, with a cinched waist that creates an hourglass effect. There are cap sleeves, and brown ribbon runs down the white bodice. It doesn't look like she dyed the muslin at all. The back is far simpler, a T-topped tunic bodice with the skirt beneath. She interviews that she wonders if she will be eliminated. The back of the dress is kind of gross, but I think the rest is pretty hot. On a different note, I think Guadalupe might freak me out. I'm not sure -- just putting that out there.

Andrae's design is up. In the workshop, Heidi had remarked to Andrae that whoever was wearing it would look like she had an ample bosom. This memo never reached the model, Danyelle, who is as flat as my back. It's a fairly straightforward design -- it's a spaghetti-strapped top, with a matching skirt. The top is corseted in the back. The skirt flows and is a little asymmetrical, rising higher in the back than in the front.

Here is John Wade's design. It's an orange sleeveless dress. In fact, the top narrows into a halter fit. It's high-waisted with a wide brown belt of fabric sewn into the design. There are white circles on the dress, giving it a tie-dyed appearance. I no likey tie-dye. John interviews that it is very sweet, tailored, colorful, and wearable, which also happens to be his design philosophy.

Marla Duran's design is up. Geez, it's really gothic. There's a black skirt that has a really low waist and a pouch on the front. There's a black sleeveless top as well that exposes the model's midriff. The collar is high and has kind of a dead, ashen ribbon effect at the front. The model is carrying an ashen black wrap that is a basket weave of fabric strips all deconstructed and shredded. It's all very Helmut Lang and far more avant-garde than I would have expected from her. That's probably my own projection, but they did set her up as the middle-aged mom from Virginia. What am I supposed to think? She interviews that it is arty and original, which she considers her aesthetic. Power to her. I'll love her if she's this suburban mom who happens to be super-cutting edge with her design.

Next is Heidi's dress, easily the least cutting-edge thing I've seen. It's a skirt and a tube top with lace covering the bodice in a halter style. Nobody likes a damn sleeve in this group, do they? ["My grandmother made her own clothes, and when she was trying to set a sleeve, we weren't allowed to talk to her." -- Sars] There's some brown ribbon trim to the dress. and that is it. Heidi interviews that it is pretty. She likes pretty. I'm pretty bored.

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