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Now, we have Kara's dress. It's a wrap dress that fastens on the side and has an empire waist. It's fairly simple, but is draped beautifully. Where the dress is tied, the fabric falls like ribbon and there is a fabric rose where it knots. She's not discovering fire, but it looks really good on the model. There's some lame trim on the neckline and hem that is recognizably cheap. I wonder if that is an expression of who she is. If so, party on. She interviews that seeing her design on someone is exciting.

Kirsten Ehrig's design follows. It is an outfit with pants, a burnt orange color. It is matched with a sleeveless white top that hangs loose at the waist. Over the shirt, the model wears a black, fur-trimmed jacket. She is wearing boots and the pants end right below the knee. I dig the shirt and slacks, but the jacket is gross. It just looks tacky. The pants are pretty cute, though. They flare a little bit at the knee and are snug on the thigh. I'm not sure how they would look on everyone, but they work on the model. The shirt is open in the back and ties, which I remember as trendy in 2000. Et tu, 2K? Kristen interviews that she loves her model, Claudia's, hair. As well, she likes the silhouette that is created by her design.

Sweet Jesus, there are so many designers. Up next is Diana Eng's design. She interviews that she is afraid that the magnets in her design will not work. Lo and behold, they don't. Let me describe the design: It's a black and white dress. The skirt is black and the bodice is white. The neck is high with a black brocade print. The skirt opens at the front to reveal a slightly shorter skirt. The flaps are then pulled around and ostensibly fastened to two magnets on the back of the skirt. The fabric revealed on the inside of the skirt flaps is satin-y with a kind of abstract black and white lightning-bolt print. The magnets don't hold, but I'm going to say I think this design is badass. She is a for real fashion designing science geek. That's pretty fucking cool. She interviews that she is worried.

Here's Daniel Franco's design. It's a black gown that is above the knee in the front and has a floor-length train. The neckline is halter-style, which we're seeing a lot of around here. Maybe that's easier when you don't have the measurements of your model when you are designing. It's a multi-fabric creation, similar in texture to the pieces that he showed for his audition. There are panels on the hips, a dark belt sewn into the dress right below the bosom, and velvet panels over the models ta-tas. It's interesting. Daniel interviews that he is very nervous. The dress doesn't fit properly at the bust, and Daniel notices this. The back is pretty. It dips really low and the belt crosses at the waist, creating cutouts above and below the belt.

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