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Road To The Runway

The next day, still in New York, Austin Scarlett replaces Jay as a judge. Before the interviews, he speaks to the people waiting in line. He talks to the first person in line and asks her if she's excited. She is. The guy behind her, though, is chewing gum and reading a magazine and doesn't even look up. I'm assuming he's doing this because he doesn't want to look overeager or like a starfucker, but wouldn't it be funny if he didn't know what line he was in? He thinks he's at the DMV. Austin interviews that he has gotten a lot from the show, even though he didn't win. He tells us that he will have a small collection for Spring 2006. That's so exciting!

Inside, the interviews begin. Austin has borrowed J. Alexander's corsage.The first guy we see is a heavyset fellow wearing a solid black three-piece suit with a white fox fur on one shoulder. It looks a little like a puppet. He says he has wanted to be a designer since he was "in diapers." Keep your kinks to yourself, perv. Also, there's a guy who tells the judges that he has been in New York for fifteen years "making space suits for chickens." I hope that means he works for Sesame Street or something. Otherwise, keep your kinks to yourself, perv. Next is this guy with a haircut like Joey Lawrence on Gimme A Break and a helium-tinted voice who describes his style as "fun, kind of quirky." And we see a first: Austin Scarlett is looking at someone like they are a big fucking weirdo. It's new beginnings on this year's Project Runway!

Tim seems really disappointed by the people that they've seen, and says, "Come on in." And who comes in but a vibrant, seemingly together young lady. She shows them a creation of hers, which is a red blazer with a blue ribbon instead of button closure. She explains that it "is laced like a corset and fitted like a corset." I guess you need to see it on a person to appreciate the tailoring, but otherwise, yawn. Tim asks her what she brings to the industry and she replies, "I think I bring a street culture, an understanding of couture, an understanding of high fashion, and also multiculturalism. I think I bring that to the table." Now that I'm looking at that in writing, it doesn't look as impressive, but she really sells it. I'm all, "Sure a blazer with a shoestring is the whole world!" They buy it too, or as Tim Gunn puts it, "We are responding very, very well to you." She is passed through to the semifinals. Her name is Zulema Griffin and she is twenty-eight years old. She is a TV and film costume designer from New York City. She interviews that she grew up without a lot of money, so she made most of her own clothes. She says that she wants to win, because she "did not pack lightly." Well, you're in luck, Zulema. The show is filmed in the same city where you live. Just grab a cab when you're done.

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