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Road To The Runway

Zulema does a count-off and realizes that they are missing one person. It's Daniel Franco. When he arrives, everyone is shocked. I don't really understand why. Be shocked if Tommy Hilfiger is competing with you (though I'd be shocked if even the most inept designer on this show didn't design circles around that guy), not the loser from last year. Andrae interviews that he saw Daniel and was like, "Oh my God. I can't believe he's back." Anyway. Chloe welcomes him with a hug. She interviews that she saw his work in L.A. Apparel News. She liked his stuff and thinks he deserves a second chance. Doesn't Chloe seem nice? Daniel interviews that he returns "humbled through humiliation." Hmm. Later on today, I'm going to go for a jog, by jogging. These bitches write themselves. Daniel continues that he is not here to be a celebrity -- he is here to be a designer. He seems completely sincere. If Daniel talks less, he might really be a person for whom you want to root.

Heidi and Tim greet them. Heidi is pregnant and showing. Someone on the forum mentioned it and I'm grossed out to notice, but Heidi's got an outie. Hey, it's the miracle of life. Tim points out Daniel as a "familiar face" and mentions that he has known Emmett since Emmett was in high school and applying to Parsons. They're like Bethenny and Charles on Apprentice: Martha. Except Tim is cute. And Emmett is silent.

They all go up to the workshop. Heidi tells them that the design that they've had a week on which to work will be judged in two hours. Two of them will be eliminated. Can you imagine? It appears that they just arrived from the airport. So, you get to the city, spend two hours working, and then go back home? That sounds so depressing. The designers are similarly shocked. Models have been randomly assigned to the designers. They will have two hours to fit them, run them through the L'Oreal Paris make-up room, and take them to the Tresemme hair room. Hair and make-up have been separated this year, I guess. I hardly recognize this place!

Nick explains that they were sent muslin, which is unbleached cotton. He tells us that all designer use it, as it's a basic fabric used for draping. Andrae interviews that he likes "pretty," and muslin makes that difficult because it is "the hillbilly of fabrics." I was just possessed by the spirit of Tim Gunn for a second and wanted to tell him to make it work.

All of the designers are inspecting each other's stuff in a barely masked display of butt-sniffing. Heidi tells Santino that she tried to make her design "sweet." She interviews that her aesthetic is "sophisticated funk." And, fittingly, there is no trace either of those things anywhere on her design. It's becoming clear that the people who talk the most show the least. She seems like a sweet girl, but her design is pretty simple. She interviews that she is excited to get to do "her thing." And she poses the question, "How many famous designers do you know from Alabama?" Well, one, duh. Secondly, you can't use that as your "thing." You're in New York -- there are people from every single place in the world there. There's nothing more annoying than someone who thinks that them being from Iowa makes them special. Everyone has their Iowa. As a fellow Alabamian, I understand. I love it too. Just stop, though. You'll thank me. Santino shows his dress to Heidi and she says she loves it. He interviews that the challenge was tough, but he is happy with what he did.

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