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Oh my God. Here's Leanne in Kenley's hip-hop get-up. Oh no. The jeans are, as has been discussed, high-waisted. There are gold buttons down the front of the jeans. The crotch is a bunched mess. The top is patterned satin. And it's not special. There's a really tiny, half-sleeved leather jacket topping it off. Plus, Leanne is modeling like an idiot. She looks totally stupid and I almost think she's fucking with Kenley, which I approve of. Kenley says that Leanne is not selling the look. She looks like "a big fat poseur." Indeed she does. She adds that hip-hop is all about attitude, and Leanne doesn't have that. I don't know whether to think that Leanne is a jerk or awesome for doing this. I'm gonna go with awesome.

Wow, here's Rayon in Korto's outfit. They've added multi-colored extensions to the front of his hair and really thick eye make-up. He's just wearing a lot of make-up everywhere. This looks pretty good. It's a sleeveless brown shirt with black panels asymmetrically applied across the front. There are chains that hang from the neck of the shirt to the waist. The pants are jeans that fit Rayon really well. There are dynamic bleach stains all over them. There are more bleach stains on his shoes. Rayon is also selling the shit out of this. Korto should be very thankful. She says that Rayon no longer existed. He was this punk character instead.

Here's Jerell in Rayon's rock & roll look. The shirt is, I swear, the same cut as the one that Jerell wore to Parson's today. He loves to show his titties, that one. It's a loose, thin, pec-baring shirt of a lovely print of fuchsia and brown. It's covered by a black leather patchwork vest. Below, Rayon has made some really tight pants. They are patterned with different black fabrics. The metal zipper really brings your eye to the crotch and ...let's just say that Jerell has been blessed with more than design talent. Rayon says that he loves his look and Jerell loves it.

After the show, the designers/models stay on the runway. Heidi introduces Michael and Nina. She introduces LL Cool J as "musical innovator and style icon." Kenley interviews that she's mortified because LL is the "King of Hip-Hop" and Leanne's not hip-hop at all. She's really into blaming all of this on Leanne, isn't she?

Korto says that she chose a metallic denim for the jeans, and she distressed it with bleach. LL says that the outfit has energy, and that Korto was right on the money. Nina thinks Rayon looks like Marilyn Manson. She likes the fit of the pants. Michael thinks that, in addition to it being really appropriate punky, it is also flattering to Rayon.

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