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Rayon describes his look as comfortable onstage, appropriate for partying later. Jerell says that he was thinking of Aerosmith when he and Rayon consulted and he feels that he got it right. Michael says that the pants were "expected." Rayon says that there is actually a lot of work in the pants, but LL says that it doesn't read from the stage. He also thinks it needs more accessories. Nina thinks that it's missing drama. Heidi says that Jerell looks like Jerell. That's true.

Jerell says that Kenley's outfit would read "way up in the nosebleeds." Kenley says that she would wear the outfit if she were a pop star. Nina likes that Kenley is exposed but not naked. Heidi says that she would like to have seen the boobs more supported. Damn, she just said that Kenley's got saggy boobs. Heidi HATES Kenley. LL says that they look supported to him. He says that when he saw her coming he wanted to see more skin, but she turned around and it was backless! What luck!! Michael says that it's smart and sexy without being vulgar.

Kenley says that her design is her take on what a woman today in hip-hop would want to wear. It's classy and expensive. Heh -- no, it's not. Heidi asks what happened to the pants. Kenley's like, "What?" Heidi says they are the most unflattering pants she has ever seen. Heidi really hates her. LL says that high waist is a problem with the pants. Heidi asks him if it reads hip-hop and he says no. Kenley says in return that she didn't want to design oversized pants with a backwards cap. Because those are the only two options? All of the judges emphasize that that is not what they are suggesting. She says she didn't want to make Leanne look like a fool (mission not accomplished). She wanted something stylish and fashion-forward. She is so completely defensive right now. I kinda love it when she's on the hot seat like this. Nina says that she didn't make the point of her genre as clearly as the other designers did. Michael says that you have to make something look luxurious without being garish. Kenley says that she can't do that in one day. Nina reminds her that she wasn't the only person who had this challenge. Everyone has had it as bad as her.

Leanne says she was going for vintage Dolly Parton with added modernity and glamour. Korto says she likes that it was old school but elegant. Nina likes the colors, but she wanted more sophistication. She thinks that the skirt is missing that. Heidi says she really likes the shape of the skirt. Michael likes the silhouette, but thinks Leanne could have taken it up a notch.

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