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The judges confer. Michael and Nina say that they thought some people got the challenge, while others didn't. They love Jerell's. LL said it was like "another chapter" when Kenley took off the shrug. They all agree that it was provocative without being trashy. They liked Korto's too. Michael liked the chain on the shirt and felt that the look was authentic. They thought Rayon's look was boring. Michael says it was like rock & roll going to the grocery store. Nina says that Rayon is too safe in his design. Michael says that you could buy Kenley's outfit in a mall. The jacket was fine but the jeans were bad. Michael and Nina agree that the challenge freaked her out by taking her out of her little box.

Nina thinks that Leanne's look needed more glamour. Michael says that she looked like a woman going out to eat ribs. That's funny.

The designers return. Korto wins. Rayon says, "Good job, Baby." She is happy that she did a punk outfit and menswear and was successful. Jerell is in. Leanne is in. Down to Rayon and Kenley. Heidi says that Rayon was boring and Kenley had no bravado, glamour, or attitude. Kenley just smiles and kind of rolls her eyes. Kenley is... in. She walks off and kind of pats Rayon on the arm. He kisses Heidi, thanks everyone for the opportunity and says, "You guys are gonna see Rayon rock it. All my love." Michael laughs as he walks off the stage.

He's super-positive backstage and hugs everyone. I can't believe he has to leave while wearing that. He interviews that he's proud of making it to the top five. Oh, Rayon. He orders everyone to rock it as he leaves to clean up his workstation.

In his final interview, he says that, just like Madonna says, "You get up again, over and over. Madonna, I'm ready to dress you up in Suede." And, just because we wouldn't have it any other way, he's pointing his fingers at the camera like an absolute moron.

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