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Back at the workroom, everybody gets to work. Korto tells the other designers that she's "Shania Janks" for this challenge. "Jank" is a code word for totally jacked-up. Korto said that -- I didn't make it up. Leanne interviews that she wants Korto to look like she's at the CMAs. She wants it to be very glamorous. Korto asks Leanne what her name will be and she comes up with "Lil' Leanimal." That sounds more like a wrestler name. Jerell offers "Lil' Lee J. Blige." I think we have a winner.

Kenley says that she will be making a leather jacket, a top and high-waisted jeans for Leanne. This is the first time she will be making pants for the show. She says it's not "her thing." She's nervous. A little bit later, as Kenley's working on her top, Korto interviews that they all see her making a floral print top that is more Country than it is Hip-hop. But, none of them are going to tell her. Jerell thinks that Kenley is in trouble and that there's nothing Hip-hop in her "bag of '50s-style dresses." Nice.

We see Jerell putting his nametag on the dress form holding his winning design from the last challenge. He says he would like to win three challenges in a row, because no one has ever done it. And, we all know how designers live for record-making in competitions. Really, though, they're just asked to say stuff like that, right? Because, I can't imagine that any fashion designer is really thinking, "I'm the first person to win two challenges this season! Gold star!" They're not Olympians. They make dresses. This will most likely be the only time they are using their design skills to win a contest. To set up the show like these people are here because they love the sport of it just seems stupid and unnecessary. Jerell tells us that he's making a Pop outfit for Kenley. He's making a fishnet mini-dress with diamond cuffs. Wow. Kenley is stunned when she looks at it. She says, "You're gonna make me look like [whispers] sex." That was kind of awesome. She interviews that she's a little nervous about being sexed up by Jerell. She says she thinks that Jerell may think she has a better body than she actually has. Oh, I don't think that's true. Whatever my problems with Kenley's attitude, she's a really cute girl.

Korto asks Rayon if he ever wears tight jeans. He tells her that he usually wears baggy, but he'll be fine with whatever. He interviews that he was a concert cellist for 14 years. I don't know what to say to that. Like, people came to concerts to listen to Rayon's cello playing? I'd like to see a program of said concert, if someone could arrange that. 14 years. Don't you have to study for about that long before you're ready to start playing concerts? Do you think maybe he just studied the cello for 14 years and played in the orchestra of Phantom or something for a while towards the end of that time? It's not that I don't believe him or anything, I'm just getting this ...feeling. A feeling that he's embellishing. So, yes, I guess I don't believe him. I don't believe that he was a concert cellist for 14 years. Because, when do you start the clock on your change from "studying the cello" to "concert cellist?" I'm sure there's a clock-starter that a lot of people could agree on, but I still don't think you would describe yourself as a concert cellist for blank years (blank equaling number of years you have been studying the cello), nor do I think someone would be like, "I've been a concert cellist for a month" when they'd been playing for 8 years. This is so stupid. I'm gonna shut up now, but Rayon is a liar. I think he studied the cello for 14 years (a pretty big accomplishment on its own) and he played some recitals, as we do when we practice something. I'm not a concert tap dancer though. I took some classes. Anyway, Rayon says that he also played piano. He's emphasizing that he's not very punk at all. Korto says she's going to make her design in muslin first, "Cause I's no fool." Korto has her most dynamic moment of the entire season next when she's in her interview. She says that she is not even thinking about going home. She refuses it. She's going to own and claim her place in Bryant Park. "In the name of Jesus, I'm going to Bryant Park." I think she may have started that "In the name of Jesus" part as just a neat little tag to her story, but it definitely came out in the end as authentic. She was in a moment. We just had our first Pentecostal summonsing of the Lord on Project Runway.

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