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Rayon shows the pants that he's making to Kenley. He says that he "adores" them. He interviews that he is making pants of stretch satin. He's matching it with a patchwork vest. Rayon tells us that Rayon has never designed for a rock star. However, Rayon did work for Jordache. Why is that so perfect? At Jordache, he dressed a lot of pop stars -- Britney, Christina, Destiny's Child.

Leanne sings to herself, "Making Korto country..." Jerell tags it with, "Country-fried Korto." I like that. Korto tries on cowboy boots that she will be wearing on the runway. She starts singing in a nasally country twang, "I got my boots, I got my boots." It's very funny. Seriously. She sounds crazy. Then, she starts line-dancing and laughing.

Jerell has a fitting with Kenley. He interviews that he is going to show everyone a different side of Kenley. In fact, he's going to show Kenley a different side of Kenley. The outfit is so skimpy she doesn't even know how to put it on. She says that her ass is "literally" hanging out and it isn't. It's really revealing, but it's oddly not that immodest. I know that's not really possible. Rayon comes in to watch her fitting and says very creepily, "Oh, I love your boobs." It's so weird and violating. Gross. Jerell says that Kenley is not used to showing that much thigh, but once she saw herself in the mirror she started to like it. He tells her that she's going to look "sexy as hell," especially when her hair and make-up is completed. Kenley interviews that she would never wear anything like Jerell's outfit and she's going to be showing things that she doesn't want shown. Oh, Kenley, don't worry -- you've been showing your ass for a few weeks now.

With four hours remaining in the day, Tim checks in. He talks to Jerell and tells him that the silhouette is beautiful. Jerell says that he feels that the look needs something more. Tim agrees, but says it has to be the right "something." Jerell shows Tim a couple of fabrics that contrast with the black of his outfit. Tim shrieks in disgust. Or terror. Or shock. Jerell explains that he wants to make a vest with panels of fur. Tim doesn't respond, but I'm going to choose terror. I think that was terror.

Before he even starts talking to Leanne, you can tell he has issues with her look. He wonders if it is too subtle. She says it is very easy to cross over into costume land, and Tim agrees with her. She concludes, saying that she has a lot of thinking to do. He tells her to watch the proportion, because she's currently on target.

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