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Later, Kenley fits Leanne in her jeans. They don't fit well. Kenley interviews that Tim thought she was being sarcastic with him, but he just doesn't understand her. And, she doesn't understand him. That's because you're stupid, Kenley. Seriously, this girl has no self-awareness at all if she doesn't know what she sounded like. She's fooling with the jeans while Leanne is wearing them, and she says, "You're grabbing my crotch, Kenley." More nasty Kenley interview, "I definitely know more about hip-hop than Tim does." Leanne tries to offer a suggestion to help the jeans. Leanne interviews that, if the outfit is called out on the runway, she's not going to defend something that she doesn't like. "Especially not for someone like Kenley." Nice. Kenley says that she was going for an Alicia Keys look. Jerell corrects her and tells her that Alicia Keys is more R&B. Kenley says that Keys has hip-hop style, though. I have to say, I don't consider her to be incorrect on that claim. Korto says sarcastically, "Kenley is a hip-hop designer. I can't wait for tomorrow." Kenley is trying on her tiny jacket that she has made for Leanne and she looks like Chris Farley in Tommy Boy.

With 35 minutes remaining, Korto is working on her jeans. They fit well, but they look like new jeans. She uses bleach to age the shoes and jeans for her look. Leanne is overwhelmed by the fumes and jokes in her interview that she wonders if Korto is trying to sabotage all of them. Rayon says that he has a sneaking suspicion that the judges are either going to love or hate his look. Now, Rayon, when you've had that feeling before, what direction did it go in?

The next morning, as they are getting ready, Jerell interviews that he has considered sabotaging Rayon on the runway. But, he's sure that everyone has considered it. Really? Kenley says that she's feeling confident. She's not changing any element of her design based on what Tim said. "I really think it looks hip-hop!" she whines.

Back at Parson's, Leanne says that she still has a lot of work to do. Tim enters and says that they have an hour for hair and make-up. Korto says that she's not worried about walking down the runway -- she would be good "butt-naked." Jerell interviews that there is a lot of junk in Korto's trunk and to tame that and make it look country will take a lot of effort. Rayon fits Jerell and interviews that, though Tim didn't feel that it was over-the-top enough, he thinks the judges are going to love it. Jerell tells him that the pants are amazing. Kenley notices that there is still bunching in the crotch of the jeans she made. She doesn't think the judges will notice. Jerell says, "Kenley's ass is ridiculous." He says she's trying to squeeze Leanne into a child-sized hip-hop outfit. He's glad to let her destroy herself.

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