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Hair and make-up. Rayon's hair is multi-colored. He says he thinks he maybe should have been in the drag queen challenge. Tim enters and laughs. "What happened to all of you?" They have 15 minutes before the show. Jerell says it's odd being the model and the designer, because someone has their hands on you while you have your hands on someone else. Brings back memories of Woodstock. Kenley says that she thinks she will win. Rayon says that he's confident and hopes he wins. Jerell says that Britney Spears could wear the outfit he made at Madison Square Garden, then she would "kick off her panties and fall asleep in the back of a limousine." Ew. I think I'm just going to say people "kick off their panties." For fun. It's really evocative and jolting. Thanks, Jerell. I'm going to make a lot of friends with that one. Tim comes in to get the designers and says that this will be the most interesting runway show in the show's history.

At the runway, there are only judges. No designers. They're all backstage! Heidi greets LL Cool J. He's the guest judge! He has a new album that's about to drop, as well as a clothing line. Sorry LL, I've gotta call that a comeback. And, I also have to call that Botox. Right? LL's been Botoxed a whole bunch, I think. Anyway, Heidi asks them if they're ready for the show to begin and Michael Kors responds, "Absolutely."

We begin the show with Leanne's country look for Korto. It's a long black skirt that is really beautifully fitted. At the waist, there is a gold lamé band that comes to a point at the center of her waist. It's really cute. The top is violet and sleeveless. There are little cut-outs above the bust that resemble the cut-outs in a guitar. The shirt is knotted at the waist. She's wearing a gingham kerchief around her neck. The whole thing is cute, but not spectacular. Leanne says that she feels like she incorporated every element of country music in her design. She also feels that it's sophisticated. Korto adds a few country flourishes on the runway and Leanne feels like she really sold it. That's one designer who decided not to sabotage another designer.

Here's Kenley in Jerell's pop outfit. It's pretty amazing. It's a black mesh minidress. There's opaque black material around her butt and up through the middle of her bust and ends in a diamond collar. There are also diamonds over her bust. The back is completely transparent. There's a little purple fur shrug that just tips everything over the top. Which is perfect. To me, a pop star always has like one or two things too many going on with their outfit. This hits the bull's-eye in that regard. Jerell says she looks like one of the Pussycat Dolls. Kenley's doing an admirable job on the runway as well.

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