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Back on the runway, swift judgment is delivered. At least it is swift to me, because I fast-forward through all the suspenseful music. Because of his funky-fresh his neoprene dress, Ra'Mon is declared the winner. "I'm the winner?" he says backstage, amazed. "Is there a recount that needs to happen? Because this is reeeeediculous. Talk about prayers being answered." See, kids? Hard work and perseverance do pay off. I believe the President was saying something about that just today... Johnny and Irina, Nicolas and Gordana are all declared safe and sent away to their collective relief. Next, Heidi turns her unblinking gaze on Qristyl and Epperson. "As you admitted yourself," she says, "this was a baaad marriage." She dismisses Epperson as safe and as he leaves says Qristyl's leadership skills were non-existent "and it showed in the poor outfits that you gave us." Finally, she turns to Mitchell. "Never in Project Runway history has a team member for a winning design been eliminated," she says. "Three strikes, and you're out." Qristyl, reprieved, hugs Mitchell, who tries to keep from crying. "He's a nice guy, huh?" Max Azria whispers, sadly, and Mitchell retains his dignity by giving Heidi the required kiss and departing with encouraging words to his former competitors. It's too bad -- he can probably do this, but it seemed he just wasn't ready for it.

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