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gn-off to Mood and hit the workroom.

Johnny and Irina seem to be working nicely together -- they're shared vision is "Bohemian Chic" and they feel like it is going to be superhot. Also apparently gelling is the team of Nicolas and Gordana. He has cut a bunch of black-and-white fabric strips which he will apparently be dyeing blue, to make sure they do not look "too zebra." Gordana agrees with this plan. Nicolas says his vision includes "bringing back" the wrap-around pant, with a bathing suit underneath. He'll be hand-dyeing the fabric to create an ombre of macramé. "Can you say that like, a million times? Ombre of macramé?" he laughs. Is it wrong that I love Nicolas a lot? The Feather Prince has kind of stolen my heart.

Epperson, no doubt, would rather be doing an ombre of macramé than messing around with the bright green fabric chosen by Qristyl. He says in an interview he would never have chosen it, but that he's the assistant and not the leader. We see him in the workroom looking for some Tylenol. "The tension," he interviews, "is because we're fearful of what could happen." Having seen Qristyl's previous designs, I'd be fearful as well.

As frustrating as that partnership is shaping up to be, far worse is the conflagration of Mitchell and Ra'Mon. Mitchell obviously has no ideas, but then chastises Ra'Mon for not having enough confidence in the designs he's creating to carry them both. "In our relationship," Mitchell snits, "I can't always tell you that you're perfect, okay?" Ugggghhh. Mitchell, you just said you wanted him to do all the work, so why not show a little appreciation that he seems willing to do it? They are sewing some kind of dress the colors of the sea or something -- or I should say Ra'Mon is sewing it, because Mitchell can barely do anything but run around being queeny. As a matter of fact he snaps at Johnny, who has oiled over to ask Ra'Mon about a tattoo on his arm. Frankly, Ra'Mon doesn't appear to be in the mood to discuss it, but Mitchell jumps in and only half-jokingly yells at Ra'Mon to "keep working!" and tells Johnny to go away. Johnny laughs. "Oh, little lamb," he sneers. "Isn't she precious when she gets all worked up?" He has a point.

Just when things seem like they could not be more tense, Tim Gunn enters the room with a surprise twist. The judges have been thinking, apparently, and it has occurred to them that the one beach look idea was too easy. Thus, they are throwing in a wrench: the design teams must now also come up with a second look -- an "avant-garde" design, no less -- that corresponds with their first piece. There is a lot of head scratching and freaking out. "Ladies and gentlemen," Ra'Mon says in an interview, "capital W-T-F?"And it's hard to argue with a question so perfectly phrased.

Tim sees the looks of pain as he explains that both looks they create will rock the runway. "Digest this," he tells them and Ra'Mon says that though he loves the idea of creating an avant-garde design, he can't imagine how they're going to successfully fit in another piece. Tim says they all have the rest of the night (like, two hours) to come up with another design, and that they'll have $200 for a budget. They seem happy about that part, and he says tomorrow he will take one member of each team to Mood. Immediately, Althea turns to Louise and says they can finish their first design tonight and then "go crazy" tomorrow. Louise listlessly says that sounds like a good plan. "We both need to work our asses off," Althea adds, and perhaps she has been stating the obvious like this all day, because Louise looks a little irritated by it. However, she could not possibly be as irritated as Qristyl, who takes offense at everything Epperson says. I'm with her on this, because at one point he seems to be instructing her on the very basics of sewing. "You think I don't know that, Epperson?" she snaps at him, and seems to get more offended by the second by what she feels are his attempts to circumnavigate her authority on the project. The thing is, I can't tell if he's really doing that, or if his personality is just more direct than hers, or what's really happening. It seems to me like he IS trying to assert some direction and control over the project, and maybe he is going too far, but you have to feel for the guy -- the pressure is on, and he realizes that her taste is questionable.

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