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im's announcement to the room that they should work like there is no tomorrow since, for at least one of them, there won't be, he decides to scrap the jumpsuit and throw something together in the last hour and a half of the night. He grabs up the neon yellow neoprene he had yet to use and throws it on the dressform. Suddenly, Mitchell wants to get involved, but it's too late. He tries to suggest Ra'Mon fold the shoulder a certain way and Ra'Mon shuts him down with a dismissive "I'm on it, now." Ouch. "I need to take this in my own hands," Ra'Mon says. Elsewhere, Epperson and Qristyl are really reaching an ugly level. Every time he tries to say something to her, Qristyl accuses him of putting on a show. "I'm not putting on a show," he tries to say, insisting that he's just trying to communicate. "I'm not sure what kind of woman you're used to..." she snaps, and he tries again to convince her that they need to work together. She ain't having it. Finally, this day is over.

The next morning, everyone wakes up with a case of nerves. Nicolas is again faux-evilly ribbing Mitchell about how he's going to be in the bottom three, and Qristyl is nervous Epperson won't show up. Shirin says she'll tell Heidi not to send Qristyl home, because "she makes me laugh." I think her "fashions" make Heidi cry, so I am not sure that's going to work, Immunity Girl. Qristyl is particularly worried that two people will be sent home today.

Back in the workroom, last-minute touches are being made. Christopher says he and Logan are sure to win because they are so happy and in a good place with their looks. The opposite of that situation is, of course, Team Mitchell/Ra'Mon. A good night's sleep has apparently done Mitchell no favors. He cannot get over himself long enough to focus, and Ra'Mon is cutting him cold every second of the way, making him even flakier. Tim arrives and says he's sending in their models, with whom they will have two hours for fittings and hair. Suddenly, Tim sees that Ra'Mon's new neoprene is still unfinished. "You may need to resurrect the scuba suit," Tim says as Ra'Mon's face falls. "That's not something you want to hear," he mutters to Mitchell, and leaps upon the neoprene. He's realized, he says, that the skirt looks a little like a ball of lettuce. Therefore, he says, he's going to do a last minute dye-job to add color. "Bare bones, straight from the streets, I am dyeing this by hand," he says, as we see him don a trashbag to protect himself from the dye. Tim, naturally, has concerns, when he comes in to find Ra'Mon drying the dress with a hair dryer. At this point, they have about 35 minutes before the runway and Tim is afraid he won't have his two models dressed, which will instantly disqualify him. "Get something together, and make it work," Tim says. "This is so unfair," Ra'Mon moans, but he obvs is not going to go down like this, and rallies. At the 15 minute mark, Tim returns to find a good bit of work still being done at every station. Qristyl says in an interview that she doesn't know what the judges are going to think of her work, but she's prepared to throw Epperson under the bus for "doing over" her work. In fact, whatever he did over, he probably did her a favor. In an interview, Epperson says he did as much as he could to save himself, but this is the first challenge where he really feels nervous about the results. The fern dress looks kind of good to me, though. Mitchell, in an interview, says he hopes he's not headed to the bottom two, but says it seems like he's made a bit of a home for himself, there.

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