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Now we have Anna's look. I can't imagine why she decided to make this. It essentially looks like a sleeveless peasant blouse of blue with a silver vest on it; worn over short black shorts. The outfit itself is... fine? It's just so unremarkable. This would be good for 17-year-old girls, though the shorts might be a little too much even for them (at least in my make-believe world of friendship bracelets and cotillions). This is certainly not an eye-catching look for a magazine cover. And, Heidi's gonna have big momma boobies in April! Why wouldn't you want to enhance them? This blouse is completely shapeless. I'm almost thinking she should have considered belting this, though I don't know if that would have helped. The thing is, it doesn't look poorly made. It's just a really bad idea. Anna thinks that this would be right for Heidi's cool and contemporary side. She is wrong.

Up next is Anthony's dress. Nice! This blue was a terrific idea! It's bold without being gauche. It's a short, fitted one-shouldered dress. On the side of the dress with the covered shoulder, there is an interest of fabric that winds up the entire dress. It's textural and feminine. Anthony says that when he saw his model turn the corner onto the runway, he was like, "Yes, Ma'am!" He feels like he found the balance between volume and figure-hugging.

Oh my, here's Janeane's dress. It's a knee-length cream dress, with what appears to be a blue tulle shrug. There are seams everywhere! It's like she's the A Beautiful Mind guy of fashion design. She's trying to unlock some sort of secret of the universe with all of those seams. Right? It's like a seashell. Janeane acknowledges that her dress is not the prettiest on the runway, but she thinks she did her job. She thinks there are some problems with bulk in the dress, but I sincerely believe bulk is the least of her worries.

Mila's dress follows. It's a figure-hugging dress in jersey. Most of it is a beige color, with triangles of gray in successively lighter shades pointed inwards at the waist. There is also the same pattern at the ass and in front of the dress. I like the slimming effect it has at the waist, but including it at the bottom really highlights the womb. Is that what we're doing now? Mila likes the dress but notices that the fabric that she thought was peach appears beige on the runway.

Here's Emilio's dress. He didn't get enough of red last week, apparently. This dress looks pretty hot, no matter that it's pretty short. It's a super-fitted bodice with like a ballet skirt. In fact, this would be a really lovely costume for a ballet. He has the straps of ribbon that he described for Tim, and the ribbon also criss-crosses the bodice. Emilio is very happy with the dress. He thinks it's put-together and that Heidi would look sexy in it.

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