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Here's Jay's dress. It's essentially the same thing that Amy did, except there's a huge train in the back. And the color is like muslin. To be fair, the interest over the shoulder is more a garland than the flower that Amy had. Still. Jay thinks the dress is beautiful, and it is.

Jonathan's design is next, and I love it. It's a little romper. The bottoms resemble tap pants and it has long bell sleeves. It's belted at the waist and is a champagne color. Jonathan is really proud of his craftsmanship, and he should be. He also thinks that a romper would be great for a cover and I kinda like where he's going.

Maya's dress is next. It's a short, fitted gray dress with halter straps that create a frame for the model's face. There's cream pleated fabric on the straps. I don't think it looks that great. There's something weird about the fit that I don't like. Maya, however, is happy with it. As we recall, she thinks she and Mila are going to be in the top three.

Next up is Ben's design. It's a sleeveless belted kimono with blocks of blue, brown and yellow fabric. It's completely eye-catching. I really love it. "Fashion forward" doesn't seem like such a weirdo phrase when I'm looking at this. Ben is happy with it and keeping his fingers crossed.

After the show, Heidi calls Seth Aaron, Jay, Maya, Jesse, Jonathan and Amy. They're all safe! The models return to stand by the remaining designers. Ben says that he wanted to use vibrant colors. Michael says that a newsstand is a noisy place and he believes that Ben's dress cuts through the noise. Nina feels that it is as beautiful from the front as it is from the back (there's a cutout). Heidi is also a fan of the back of the dress. Joanna feels that it's a garment that would be worn by a very confident person. It's a contender.

Anna explains that she picked a color palette that she felt would flatter Heidi as well as appeal to the contemporary, not-completely-whimsical reader of Marie Claire. I don't know what she's talking about. Nina points out that Heidi has a terrific figure, but the outfit is shapeless. Joanna says that the outfit is like three ingredients in a dish that leave you slightly nauseous. She's just trying to be mean. That doesn't even really make sense. Michael thinks that Anna missed the mark in regards to who the Marie Claire reader is. Anna designed for teens. Heidi says that Anna's pieces were well-made, but she didn't push the envelope.

Anthony says that he was inspired by Heidi. He wanted clean lines and a feminine silhouette because he knew that she wouldn't be pregnant for the cover shot (don't speak too soon, she's ALWAYS pregnant) and would want to show off her curves. Michael exclaims, "The costume drama is over! You've entered modern times!" Anthony squeals and claps, which tickles Heidi and Michael. He continues, saying that Anthony has made something modern and feminine. Nina thinks that the dress will look great on Heidi and kudos to Anthony for being one of the only designers to embrace color (Joanna's fault). Joanna says that she loves the color! In fact, if that's where we are going to be come April, beam her there now!

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