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The designers return to the runway. Heidi tells us that this prize is really huge. Shut up, really? Anthony... is the winner! He screams and claps and stomps his feet, which the judges love. Heidi says that she can't wait to wear it. He leaves the runway and hugs Emilio on the way. He tells everyone backstage that he won and they go WILD! They are so happy for him! Wow, that's really a testament to what a sweet guy he is. Anthony interviews that he feels the judges are noting his growth.

Ben is in, as is Emilio. Mila is in. It's down to Anna and Janeane, just like the big J said. Heidi tells Janeane that her inspiration was unique, but came off bridal. Anna's look was forgettable. Ouch. Anna is... out. Janeane is teary and hugs Anna. Pull it together. Janeane leaves and Anna gets her kisses. She interviews that she's sad to be eliminated but she's proud of herself. The whole experience was amazing. Tim tells her that she should be proud of what she has achieved. Anna says that she will take with her a new-found confidence! So long, Anna!

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