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Mila is fixing her hair in the mirror as we see Maya over her shoulder lying in bed. It's very Baby Jane. Mila interviews that she was disturbed that no one congratulated her on her 2nd place victory. She says that she isn't sure if it's a matter of jealousy or maybe they didn't feel like she belonged in the top. In any event, it bummed her out. That's sad. No one likes to feel unwanted, especially in a group atmosphere like that. Everybody rushes out the door, and Jay even leaves without checking his hair. In case you were wondering what kind of toil the rigors of the competition is taking on the designers, there you go. Jay just went into public without checking his hair! He is becoming untethered. He'll be walking barefoot to Alaska before this season is over.

On the runway, Heidi greets all of the designers with a "Hello" that sounds like "What are you looking at?" She tells them that, for the next challenge, they will be designing a look that had better be "picture perfect." Is this a challenge about Jennifer Aniston and Jay Mohr? I KNEW I should've applied to be on the show this year. This is around the moment when I would have walked away with the show. In my pocket. Saw it in the theater, folks. She says that Tim will be taking them to a spectacular location where they will be meeting a special guest and filling them in on the details of the challenge. Heidi leaves and Emilio interviews that, from the hints that she gave, he assumed they would be going to a photographer's studio and looking over old photos in attempt to recreate a look. Interesting.

Emilio is wrong. They're going to the Hearst Corporation building. Jesse says that the building is open and bright and beautiful. It really is extraordinary. It's a fairly new addition to the New York skyline and a friend who is an urban planner was telling me that it's one of the first (if not the first) green office building in the city. Part of that purpose of the amazing windows is to reduce heating/cooling energy costs.

Tim tells the designers that it is his sincere honor to introduce Joanna Coles, the editor-in-chief of Marie Claire. Joanna cuts a stern figure in a slick blonde do and black dress, not to mention her British accent. I am immediately preoccupied with wondering how she and Nina Garcia get along. Raucous nights out making go-go boys pick those dollars up? An arrangement where assistants do all of the conversing between them, even when they are in the same room together? I need to know. And, frankly, I need it to be one of those two things. And, not because I think two women in positions of power need to fight or anything like that. I, for one, am content to believe that the women of The View actually get along pretty well (though I'm pretty sure Whoopi thinks that Sherri is a moron). I just need the mystery of Nina Garcia to have a really amazing payoff. Joanna greets them and tells them that the offices for Marie Claire are in the building.

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