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Tim explains that this challenge is one of the biggest in Project Runway history, and the reward for the winner is unprecedented. The challenge is to design a look to be worn by a celebrity on the COVER of Marie Claire. This is huge! Gasps all around, none larger that Janeane's. Can someone ask her to drop the wide-eyed, small-town-girl act? It makes me like her less than I want to, because I do kind of want to like her. Everybody starts applauding. This really is such a big prize. I do kind of wonder if they aren't diminishing the worth of the grand prize though. A layout buried in the pages of the mag is not likely to have as much impact as your dress being on the freaking cover. Anthony wipes perspiration off of his head with a giggle in his interview. Emilio tells us that this is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Hopefully you'll have more than just this one opportunity, Emilio. Jesse interviews that something like this has so much potential for boosting your career. If he wins this, he will be in heaven.

Tim says further that the winning design will be on the April 2010 cover of the magazine. Designers who have been featured on the cover in just the last year include Versace, Dolce & Gabbana and Gucci -- to name a few. Wow, this is really making an impact on the designers. Somebody's gonna need to bring out some environment-friendly cleaner to wipe up the pee on the floor. Joanna tells the designers that they have to consider the crop of the photo when designing for a cover. The detail needs to be in the top part of the dress, unless they are wearing it upside down. Just writing that makes me miss Ping. Also, Joanna says that color is a concern, because they will probably want to put cover lines over parts of the garment. The dress would never be black. Also, patterns can be "tricky" because you want to put words there. Couldn't the words be white over black fabric? I'm sure there's an simple, industry-wide known answer to that question, but I thought I'd at least query. She tells them that the cover will publish in April, so they should consider what will be happening fashion-wise in the Spring. Finally, she says that studies have shown that a magazine buyer takes about three seconds to decide which title they are going to purchase, therefore, the garment should be eye-catching, bold and sexy.

Joanna asks Tim if she can tell the designers which celebrity they will be designing for. Crossing my fingers for Anne Hathaway or Laura Linney. I love them. Tim gives he the go-ahead. It's "none other than Heidi Klum." Screams! Emilio interviews that this is huge. Janeane basks in the knowledge that, not only do they get to design for one of the... best fashion magazines. Her pause, not mine. Because, seriously, I don't know, I just don't think of Marie Claire as one of the best. It seems a little pedestrian every time I look at it. An example of my feelings about Marie Claire is the fact that they would have Heidi Klum as a cover model. Sorry, Heidi, I just believe that ship has sailed. Anyway, Janeane gets to design for the cover of one of the BEST FASHION MAGS as well as for one of the BEST SUPERMODELS in the WORLD! Joanna wishes them luck and the designers depart. Say goodbye to the sun-filled atrium of the glorious Hearst building, it's back to the windowless Parsons basement for you.

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