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Tim enters the quiet workroom at the end of sketching time. Something about Tim and this season--is it just me or does he seem particularly concerned about the collective mental health of this group. It seems that he's always looking around, taking a nervous reading of the room. He tells them that it's time to go to Mood, so they should bring whatever they need. Then, he tells them to drink their juice and guarantees a positive shopping experience.

At Mood, Tim gives each of the designers $150 for supplies. He tells them that they will have 30 minutes to shop and Jay rolls his eyes and shakes his head as if he is being TORTURED. 30 minutes? You want me to make magic with 30 minutes? That's what I'm feeling. We see Janeane grabbing a lot of fabrics in (light) blues and greens. She interviews that she's not quite sure how they will fit together, but she's just grabbing stuff. Tim gives the 1-minute warning and everyone starts running around. We see Mila nearly DIE in front of our eyes. Seriously, she's running with her hands full and falls near a downward staircase. She could have either tumbled down the stairs or brained herself on the metal staircase. It was very close. And embarrassing. I feel particularly bad for her because she was lamenting everyone not being nice to her and she just fell and it's horrible and vulnerable and tweaks that part of me that's laughing and crying at the same time. They check out and leave. I can't remember a moment where someone had to put something back because they didn't have enough money. I would like to see that. That would have been a crowning humiliation for poor Mila, huh?

Back at the workroom, Tim tells everyone that they will have until midnight that evening to work on their looks. He reminds them that there will be very little time to work the next day. He pleads with them to make it work, then leaves.

As Amy works with muslin, she interviews that time has really become a major factor. The stakes are getting higher, too, which makes the time crunch even more of a stress sandwich. That's so stupid, what I just wrote. The workroom seems so silent and tense. Jesse interviews that everyone is in the zone and quiet due to the high stakes of the competition. Anthony says the same thing -- that it's quiet because everyone is trying to make it work. Which brings us to Seth Aaron. He says aloud in the workroom that he's going to fall asleep if it remains that quiet. Then, he starts to sing and create sound effects for his own enjoyment. I cannot get over how much like grade school this is. Jay interviews that Seth Aaron is very immature and won't shut up no matter how many times they tell him. He continues to make the most random noise, while all of the designers glare at him. Anthony says, "I wish he would stop," probably for Seth Aaron's benefit, but it does no good. They need Tim to come in here and talk about seriousness of purpose to shut Seth Aaron up. He says, "I shake one helluva martini," which is stupid and takes me right back to my Episode 1 hatred of Seth Aaron. Emilio interviews that some people don't know how to keep quiet and let their garment do the talking. He believes that Seth Aaron needs to take it down a notch. Anthony calmly asks Seth Aaron if he smoked anything but a cigarette when he went outside. He says that he didn't, and Anthony replies, "I'll take your word for it."

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