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Ben interviews that he's worried, because a magenta fabric that he purchased is looking more like fuchsia. However, he started working with the stuff that he had, and he's beginning to like it more than the sketch that he made. Janeane remarks that it's very striking. Anthony uses a new iron near Emilio, and Emilio is surprised that he's already working with fabric, instead of muslin or sketches. Anthony mumbles that it's not amazing, because he has a lot of work to do. He interviews that he's trying to absorb the criticism that he has gotten from the judges, but he needs his dress to say something about Anthony. So, he's not going to beat himself up too much with the criticism that he has gotten. Mila interviews that Anthony is using a bright turquoise fabric and that Anna is using one very similar. "Yikes," she says. From my perspective, it really doesn't look that bright. Anna says that she's making three pieces for this challenge, which is the first time she's attempted to make more than one piece. In fact, she's not sure what possessed her to try to make three pieces in nine hours.

And, that brings us to Janeane. With 7 hours left in the work day, she says that she looks at the shell pinks and the cream colors of her fabrics and realizes that it's looking very bridal. And, Janeane don't play bridal. She realizes that she needs to go in the opposite direction design-wise and decides to do that. There was a voice inside of her that said, "Dammit, Janeane, don't blow this." It's a shame that voice wasn't awake a few hours ago when we started sketching.

It's 6 hours to go in the day and everybody's scrambling. Anna and Jonathan are in the sewing room, and she asks him if he's making a dress. No, he explains, he's making a spacesuit. I wonder if the voice in Janeane's head told him to do that. He tells us that this challenge means more to him than anything else up to this point of his career. Mila says that, as the competition has progressed, she has gotten better and better at time management. That said, this challenge is particularly frustrating because the reward is so huge and she wants her construction to be immaculate.

As we watch Janeane work, we see an interview where she says, "I'm trying not to emote the dread that's boiling up in my stomach." Well, shit, if this design thing doesn't work out, she should really try her hand at poetry. What an intense and evocative thought. The idea of boiling dread is really powerful to me. She feels that she's lacking a point-of-view in her design and that's going to screw her.

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