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Ben asks Anna how her pieces are coming along, and she seems pretty positive. She says that what she really needs is a fitting. She wants her shorts to be beautifully made, as she has been criticized for craftsmanship issues in the past and she doesn't want that to be a part of her future. Seth Aaron tells Anthony that he's making a jacket, a top, a vest and a pair of pants. Anthony's response is to tell Seth Aaron that he is so talented. I so believe in Anthony's attitude right now. It opens you up somehow when you look at the good and talented parts of your competitors instead of thinking about how you're better than them. Seth Aaron's reply is that everyone in the competition can sew.

Jesse interviews that his biggest competition is probably... half the people in the room. I believe he just identified himself as a middle-of-the-packer, yes? He says that Emilio has a lot of skill and experience. He also acknowledges that Mila has a lot of experience. He says that he's not really a fan of her aesthetic, but it's obvious to him that the judges are. For her part, Mila says that she doesn't feel like she really has any competition for this challenge. She says that Jay and Maya have some interesting things going on. I think that has more to do with her keeping her nose to the grindstone and less to do with her thinking poorly of other people's work.

Tim's back! Total silence. He asks how everyone is doing and Anthony says that they are working. Tim seems truly disturbed by the vibe in the room. He says, "You don't sound so good. You sound worn out." Tim says that he will start his consultations with Anthony, who responds with a sigh. Tim acknowledges that this is an intense challenge and, in case Anthony wasn't freaked out enough, reminds him that Heidi will be WEARING the winning dress. He asks Anthony to explain his dress and he wanly says that he wants something short but not formal. Tim asks if he can describe what it will look like and Anthony explains that he's not quite sure yet what it will look like. Tim says that he's worried. He doesn't want Anthony to "gimmick up" his look, just for the sake of doing it. He implores Anthony to use his editing eye.

Tim asks Mila to explain her dress. There is a graphic element to the dress, which Tim recognizes as Mila's signature. Janeane says that she chose nautical colors and would like to layer them, in a simulation of waves. Tim wonders if this "spewing out" look is really her. Janeane responds that this is the fifth challenge, and she has yet to meet the judges. Tim points out that, you know, that might be a good thing. Yes, yes, but right now she's looking like she's not horrible but not great. Oh, the convoluted stories we will conjure in order to rationalize our decisions to make ocean dresses at the last minute. Janeane assures Tim that she knows when to edit, but I'm not sure the makers of Project Runway do, because I actually found that exchange ultimately confusing.

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