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In the girls' apartment where only Anna and Janeane remain, Janeane says to Anna that she feels their time may be running out. She interviews that she feels she and Anna really missed the mark on this challenge and it may come down to the two of them. As everyone is leaving their respective apartments, Emilio jokes with Jonathan that he forgot his purse. But, he didn't! He totally has his purse!

In the workroom, everyone starts hurrying to finish. Mila says that she feels like she nailed this challenge. She thinks that Heidi is going to look amazing in her dress. Janeane, however, tells us that she is nowhere near finished. She's remarkably calm about it, which makes me feel that she is genuinely up shit creek sans paddle. Like she's reached some numb state.

Tim enters, and guess what he has to say? He tells them that this challenge is the biggest in Project Runway history. Jesus Christ. Tell us how much everybody hates Mila or something. Do what you have to do to kill some time. But, PLEASE, stop telling me how important this challenge is. I really truly understand the weight of this moment. Tim tells the designers that he wants all of their garments to be perfect. Then, he sends in the models for fittings.

Everybody scrambles to finish, and it's accompanied by hard driving drums and electric guitar. That's how important this is, people. No pan flute for this shit. We get hardcore, people-are-chasing-you-and-will-fuck-you-up-in-the-alley music. Maya says that her dress is pretty much what she set out to make. If she'd had more time, she would have added more volume to the neckline. I realize that I'm sounding increasingly crabby as this recap goes on, but haven't we seen enough of Maya's out-of control collars? Emilio thinks that some designers are going to have problems with the judges because they chose bland colors. Well, I think you can maybe blame Joanna Coles for that. Janeane tells us that, if she had the opportunity to start over again, she would do everything differently. Then, we see her needle break at the sewing machine. She is having so many problems. I'm starting to feel badly for her.

Anthony says that he's feeling confident about his dress. He has that little voice in the back of his head that wonders if the judges are going to hate it, but he reasons that he has to stay consistent. He had made a decision to make something that he thought was beautiful, and he's staying true to that thought process. Ben is happy, though you wouldn't know it from looking at him. Have you seen The White Ribbon? Ben seems like a cast member. Meaning, he seems like he's in stark black-and-white early 20th Century rural Germany to me. He thinks that this might be his time to shine.

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