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Where In The World Is Tim Gunn?

Anya shows Tim her inspiration wall. She is using pictures of Tobago, the sister island of Trinidad. She shows a fabric that looks like the sea. However, she doesn't have anything made. She says that she can't draw a new shape. Wow. This is not good. Tim tells her that he's there to support her and it's clear that she needs it. He confirms that she's aware that she can't have any help with construction. Glad that's out of the way. Then, he says, "Rise, Anya!" which is the single gayest thing that has come out of anyone's mouth since Anderson Cooper and Kathy Griffin wished us all a Happy New Year and makes me love him so much. He tells her that she needs to spend the next few days just making muslin shapes.

Back in New York, Tim is visiting Viktor, who tells us that he's excited to have Tim there. His studio is huge. Tim had to walk five flights to get there and says, "Grandpa needs a rest!" His inspiration is "Urban Coast" and he's using photos he took in Mexico. He went there to honor the passing of his brother. See? More death. He feels like a little piece of his brother will be in the collection. He cries and says that he told his brother that he would make him proud. I trust Viktor's feelings are authentic, but it seems like they forced him to feel these things on air. Tim finds his vision clear. He shows Tim this leather skirt that goes on top of a dress and Tim says that it makes the entire look. He shows a jacket that Tim finds very impressive. He tells Viktor not to overthink. Tim goes to Viktor's apartment where he meets his boyfriend, David. Cutie. He tells Tim that he and Viktor met "the old-fashioned way," at a bar. Touché. He says that it may be cheesy, but it was love at first sight. Not cheesy. He's like a waifish Patrick Wilson. Viktor tells Tim that he's the youngest of seven and grew up in Mexico, where it was more family-oriented than it is for him now. David leads a toast to Viktor saying how proud he is of him.

Next, it's on to Queens, where we will be subjected to Josh. But, instead, they meet at Elmo, the gayest restaurant in the gayest neigborhood this side of Wisteria Lane. He brings his little sister McKenzie. She's cute. Very tan. Very white teeth. She asks how he feels about Tim coming to his apartment and he says that he just hopes that he can fit. Tim gets there and asks McKenzie what Josh was like as a youngster. She says that he was good at everything he did, like theater and sports. Tim is intrigued by the sports part. Yeah, so Josh was a track and field star of sorts and had won scholarships based on his talents. He felt a lot of pressure to be involved in athletics, but his dream was to come to NYC, so he left all of that behind. We see photos of him in action and it appears that Josh has been sporting an overwrought look for a while now. Eyebrows, ironed hair, eyebrows. Eyebrows. Why? Would you do that? Why would you do that? What aesthetic do super black, hyper-shaped eyebrows on super tan skin belong to? He seriously looks like Joan Crawford. I'm not even sure how you would soften up Josh's look, but it really needs to happen. He tells Tim that he hasn't made as much stuff has he would like, but he thinks that Tim will be able to see the direction. I hate everything about him. He shows Tim his inspiration, including a print that is at the center of his collection. Tim hates it. He hates all of it. He manages to get Josh to drop some of the more ridiculous fabrics. Interestingly, Josh is open to his suggestions. Tim tells Josh that his print is one of the homeliest textiles that he has ever seen. He says that there is no sex in his collection. Josh interviews that he has more work that he thinks he can handle now.

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