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So, that's all done. Now, they're coming back to New York! I like it when one of the designers has a different look when they return. It makes me feel like they've been on some sort of vision quest and that is satisfying for me as a viewer. Josh is rolling his suitcase full of buttonless shirts and hair gel into the Hudson Hotel. The penthouse, baby. He walks onto the terrace and gets choked up. He says later that he felt his mother telling him he'd arrived via some breeze or something. He wishes she was there. Anya arrives and gives a big hug to Josh. Then, Kim gets there. Finally, Viktor gets there. He interviews that it's a love-hate relationship with his fellow designers. I wonder if the rest of them are aware of the hate part? Then, Tim arrives and leads a champagne toast! He leaves them to enjoy the evening. A free evening? Never.

The next day, they arrive at the studio where they are going to be working and it is swank. Viktor jokes that this is the way you treat designers. Anya tells Kimberly that she likes her pinks and blues, then interviews that she doesn't like them. Viktor thinks that Anya's stuff looks like her other stuff. Kimberly thinks that Viktor's stuff is showy. Viktor thinks that Josh needs to be less casual. Tim enters an tells them that their final challenge is to present three looks to the judges. The models won't come in for a fitting until before the show. He says that only three of the designers will be moving forward.

Tim does consultations and Josh is blown away by Viktor's leather jacket. He says it's "everything" which is quite the compliment! Seeing that jacket shook him in his boots. Josh feels like he has done a 180 in his own collection, though he is trying to stay true to the proverbial self. Tim thinks that the three looks he is choosing aren't cohesive. He asks Josh to disagree with him but he has nothing to say. He asks Kimberly how she's doing and she says she's "excellent." I'm not digging some of Kim's shapes. Tim tells her to center herself. He wants her to focus on showing her customer with three looks. Anya has made things! She has used an inverted pleat for several looks and Tim is unimpressed. He says that he's disappointed. It looks like she has retreated into her comfort zone. Uh oh. She seems upset. She interviews that this is the lowest she has felt during the entire competition. This is the worst critique she has gotten. He says she needs to commit to what she has started and just finish things. She sobs in her interview saying that she knew what Tim was going to say. She feels that she has let herself down. Josh says that he's nervous for her. This is the first time he has seen her without confidence. She says that she hasn't taken this too seriously, because she didn't really have to answer to anyone. Now though, she feels the expectations of her family and friends and countrymen. She didn't expect this to be such a big deal. She knows she has more in her, but there's no time now.

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