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Josh's stuff is up next. He opens with this really great jacket over pink slacks. Then, he has an amazingly tailored black dress. The thing is, it's really low cut but has a little band across the open boob area. Meh. Then, he has a gown/pantsuit? with a plastic halter top. Yes. No. I mean, that's a big idea. But, I'm not sure it's in good taste.

It's judging time and they kill Anya. Heidi hated all of it. She says that her gown looks like she made it in a day. She doesn't like the back, which I kind of disagree with. Michael thinks that her gown shows every imperfection, of which there are many. He thinks that Caribbean glamour should have been her approach, but it looks labored. They aren't crazy about Kimberly's shapes, but they like that she has a point-of-view. Nina doesn't like the styling. Heidi hates the skirt she made. She thinks the bubble butt is horrible. They love Viktor's stuff, but they think he covers up the gown with the leather jacket. He has all these pearls on the sleeves and the judges aren't crazy about it. Also, they love the gown. They make him take the leather overlay off of his dress and they like it much better that way. They like Josh's stuff, led by the jacket that he made. Heidi isn't wild about the nylon belt on his jacket, though Michael likes it. He hates the "modesty tab" on the black dress. They hate the pants portion of his gown/pantsuit. Michael thinks the notion that a woman will let her ass hang out in Olivia Newton-John pants.

Backstage, they all acknowledge that the bottom is down to Anya and Kimberly. The judges think the boys did pretty well, though Viktor needs to edit and Josh needs to make some more clothes. They like Josh's styling the most. They liked Anya's first dress a lot. Heidi was really disappointed in the evening gown. They really hated Kimberly's styling. Again backstage, Viktor tells everyone that he loves them and is honored to have been on this journey with them. They all hold hands. Sweet!

Onstage, the designers return. Josh is in. He claps for himself. He goes backstage and touches his mother's pin and says, "Oh God, my heart." Viktor's in! He gets a hug from Josh backstage, then Josh feels his heart. It's down to the girls. Please, don't do this to me. Heidi says that they have a lot of potential. Kimberly Good for her, but STOP DOING THIS TO ME. This can't be real. Onstage, Anya is so composed. Heidi tells her that she is in as well. She is stunned. She thanks the judges and Heidi tells her she has a lot of work to do. Anya thanks each of them for the experience. Backstage, Kimberly is so excited that Anya is going through. Josh interviews snappily that he thinks neither Kim nor Anya should go to Fashion Week. He doesn't think critiques like Anya's make her collection worthy of the main stage. Heidi and the judges are happy with their decision. So is Tim! He goes backstage and hugs everyone. He tells them that they're not out of the woods, but they're at least still in the woods. I love that!

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