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"Oh My Lord of the Rings"

Oh my God, it's down to Anya and Josh. Anya... is THE WINNER OF THE FREAKING SHOW! I just got chills y'all. Josh politely hugs her and says, "Good job." He interviews that it's a little bit of a "shock value." He thought his collection was stronger. What a sport. The designers backstage seem shocked. He hopes that collectors won't start coming after him, because he's so poor. His dad says that his mom would be proud of him.

Anya is the winner! She says that she would not be standing there without the confidence of the judges, maybe specifically Heidi? Michael says that her journey has been amazing to watch. Nina says that she has a great eye. L'Wren says she has an amazing female voice. She hopes that she makes the judges proud. Her family comes out to congratulate her! Now, Tim! He embraces her and says that he's so proud of her. Then, her model (also a winner, remember) comes out and they hug. Anya tells us that she has gone places inside of herself that she didn't know existed. She's on her way to creating a brand that's hers.

I can't even qualify why I love her so much. I just do though. I also love that a person I loved from the beginning made it all the way. Anybody who has read these recaps know that my love is a hex. I kill chances. Does this mean that the final quarter of 2011 and forward might just be wonderful? Yes! That's exactly what it means. Oh God, life is going to be great, everybody. From now on. All because of this. Thank you so much for reading this season. Now embark on your blessed futures with Anya on your mind and Josh away from your eyebrows.

Jeff Long is a writer/performer in Brooklyn. He can be reached at and followed on Twitter at @jblong.

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