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"Oh My Lord of the Rings"

The day before the show, they're back at it. "Oh my Lord of the RINGS!" says Viktor. Damn, that's choice. I wonder if he made that up on the spot. Then, though, he fake revs and says that you have to grab the um, handlebars, you know, you've got to steer the motorcycle. Yeah, stick with fantasy books. He goes even further to say that you can't let go of the handlebars, because the motorcycle will fall down. Damn.

Anya laughs that she still has everything to do. She doesn't seem particularly nervous though. She remarks that Josh seems rejuvenated and energetic. Josh says that he's still frazzled, but he feels good about what he's putting into Fashion Week. Viktor is getting a touch chaotic. Tim comes in for consultation and begins with Kimberly. He brings up the bubble skirt. The thing is, it's lovely in the back, but it looks really severe and tortured in the front. Kimberly explains that she was going to make the skirt in black, but it didn't look any better. She doesn't know how she's going to fix it. Josh adds in an interview that the skirt is not something he would make, drape or sell. Of course not, it's not made of styrofoam and Evian bottles. What POSSIBLE use could you have for it anyway? Kimberly keeps telling Tim that she doesn't know about certain elements of her looks and it makes Tim really nervous. He tells her that this is a Make It Work moment.

Anya excitedly shows Tim her black and white prints, however, she says that it's not her best work. She adds that she has had a fantastic time on the show. She is humbled by the experience and she has let go of the anxiety of showing her work on a world stage. Viktor says to him that it sounds like Anya is readying herself for elimination. I wonder if it's hard to have honest talks with Tim when everyone can hear your conversation. Also, I wonder if his consultations color the opinions that the designers have of each other, given that we've heard that a lot of times the judges' opinions often come as a surprise to the designers.

Viktor is replacing some of his prints with sheer stuff and Tim seems unsure. Also, he's using a cheetah print and even Josh is confused by it. Tim thinks that Josh is changing his look from uptown to downtown. He feels shaken by the consultation. He's confused. He says he's just going to trust his gut.

Kimberly laughs about the fact that onlytwo of her looks are complete. Good girl. Keep it light! Anya's still making new pieces. I love it! She says that the judges have confirmed that she is a Caribbean designer, so she's trying to go more in that direction. Viktor wants to show the designers that he can edit. He says that afterwards, he'll make his own shit however he wants.

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