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"Oh My Lord of the Rings"

The models come in for their fittings. Josh tells a model that he's going to make her look like him. She doesn't leave. Josh hasn't finished his retake of the jumper. Anya's starting to feel better, due to the fitting. A lot of her stuff works. Viktor is so excited about showing his stuff. We see him mumble the Lord of the Rings bit while he's sewing. I'd reuse that too. Anya is cutting stuff on the floor, because that's the only way she knows how to do it.

The next morning, they are awake very early. Anya tells Kimberly that she started designing after her brother died. Viktor says that he's nervous about talking to the crowd before his show. Josh says that he has grown so much as an editor of his work.

They reach the tents. Kimberly says that the playing field is even- anybody could win. They walk inside and are so excited. The day begins. Kimberly can't find her sewing kit. Oh God. She is freaking out. She interviews that you haven't seen her pissed off until her shit's missing at Fashion Week. Anya lends her whatever she needs. SEE!? That shit is some good karma.

Tim watches as Anya sews the back of a garment that her model is wearing. Josh freaks out because it's Fashion Week and she is still sewing her models into garments. "Pull. It. Together." he barks in an interview. You know though, the show is called Project Runway. RUNWAY. As in, look at these clothes that are on a runway while we're sitting in fucking audience. Not, Project Inspector 31 From Quality Control At Fucking Hanes. It's about what the clothes LOOK LIKE. Yes, no one's going to buy a garment that they have to be sewn into. BUT, she's adjusting the designs to make the garments look like her vision, thus demonstrating said vision to people who are watching her show! She is creating a brand. She's not trying to show you her educational resume. I guess the thing that bothers me is that he acts so ignorant of that idea while acting like he knows everything else about fashion.

The crowd is filling up the tent! There's Thomas Jane, who I heard got up to pee right before the (I think) Marc Jacobs (?) show started and like walked back onstage to his seat during the show or something. Scandal. There's Jennifer Love Hewitt. Great. The judges are introduced onstage.

It's time to begin. Heidi looks awesome as usual. There are a lot of the former designers in the audience. Heidi introduces the judges, including guest L'Wren Scott who used to/still does date Mick Jagger. She is a tall lady.

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