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Season 1 Reunion

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Season 1 Reunion

Heidi introduces Kara Saun and Jay, to much applause. They are seated on stools, just a little separated from the others. Nice touch, Bravo. Like everyone doesn't feel shitty enough for having lost. Jay looks at Austin and declares him "over-the-top tonight," because of his outfit. Kara Saun says that they knew Austin would be wearing something fabulous. "You look like a doily," Jay concludes, and Austin thanks him. And, then, Wendy is introduced. Heidi and Tim are really the only people who applaud. Kevin and Austin join in anemically. Her seat is on a sofa with Vanessa, where she is effectively surrounded by the people about whom she has been talking so much shit for months. She pats Vanessa on the arm, and Vanessa gurgles, "Don't act like you're happy to see me." Wendy gives her one of her "I'm evil but not quick so I can only glare" stares. Heidi welcomes her and notices that Wendy has undergone a makeover. Her hair has been dyed, she is not wearing glasses, and she's lost some weight. She has replaced that weight with the tackiest, longest scarf in creation.

Heidi asks Wendy how life has been for her since the show has been airing (since all previous episodes have aired before this reunion was taped). Wendy says that it has been great, though "hard for [her]" as the show unfolded. She mentions that people have written to her and are not happy with her behavior. At this point, Heidi asks her why she was "so strategic" on the show. Because she thought she was on another show, that's why. "Because I want to win," she replies.

"Based on what?" asks Mario from the back. Oh, girl, this is gonna get good. Wendy feigns deafness, so Mario elaborates: "Did you rely on raw talent or did you rely on malicious trickery to get you where you are now?" Next up for Mario, he'll be leading a seminar at the Learning Annex entitled Scathing Indictments In The Form Of A Question: Your Life In Jeopardy. Wendy replies that the judges weren't influenced by any strategy of hers, so her talent got her through the competition. If always being second worst is a talent, then yes, Wendy, your "talent" got you here. Of course, she won the Banana Republic thing fair and square. Hating her makes it hard to remember that.

Wendy adds that she treated her fellow designers as if they were trying to eliminate her. Add paranoia to the list of her dysfunctions. Alexandra tells Wendy that she looks "evil" to anyone who watches the show. Mario adds, "And your daughter. What does she say?" Damn, he is good. She just gives a look that says, "That's silly," but you know it gets to her.

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