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Season 1 Reunion

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Season 1 Reunion

Vanessa, who seems really demented, says, "You see, we were all really nice to you because we felt sorry for you because you're such a terrible designer. You're like a mother of whatever, however many kids you have -- and then you just stepped on all of us." Vanessa, you're diluting the argument by being insane. Wendy is just drinking from her paper cup.

Kara Saun gives what appears to be a planned speech declaring that people acted on the show the same way they are in life. She goes on to say that she made an effort to be a good person to the other people on the show so that she could respect herself and them. Mario confirms that you can "see the difference between Kara Saun and Wendy."

Wendy then adopts a bright vocal tone and says that she thinks everyone "misunderstands [her] objective for coming on the show." She didn't come there to make friends, blah, blah, blah.... Jay nails that for being "so cliché." Really, though, there have been enough shows like this for people to know that it's not necessary to be hateful to win. Like Kara Saun said, Wendy was nasty because that's the way she is in real life. Jay adds that you were supposed to get to the end with "your work," not with chicanery. I wish someone would throw a drink on Wendy. I'm talking to you, Vanessa. Wendy tries to play everything off like she thought everyone would compete the way she did. I guess it's fairly safe to assume that she would think that. Basically, Wendy seems like a person who is not aware of her own power. Mixed with her propensities for self-pity and self-obsession, she's a total danger to society. She thinks she is constantly the underdog, so she's flogging the hell out of her surroundings while thinking that it's making no difference. As well, since she can think of no one but herself, she imagines that it's other people who are holding her down. But, while Wendy is not a talented designer, she is a person with a lot of personal power. She will be a success. Doing something. So, her lack of sophistication and design skills are NO EXCUSE for how she has behaved. And, really, she is a mom. Imagine if your mother acted like that on television. I'd be all, "Pick up my toys? What will I get? You do it, bitch. Like mother like daughter." But, that would be if I were Wendy's daughter, not my mother's son, cause then I'd be more "Like mother like --" whatever, I'm losing my mind. Granted, I can't really say for sure what's going on inside of that rotten mind of Wendy's, but I think that's what the clues tell us.

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