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Season 1 Reunion

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Season 1 Reunion

Tim reads some email questions viewers have for Wendy: "When you watched the show were you [emphasis Tim Gunn's] surprised by how nasty you came across?" That's right, let Wendy know that it's the whole freaking viewing audience who thinks she's a jerk, not just some sour-grapes opponents. I've said it before: Wendy should go into politics. She gives this elaborate answer about how, yes, she was uncomfortable watching the show. However, it was a very tense situation, and, apparently, being very mean to the people around her was the only way she could survive. Sounds ridiculous, right? She talks a good game, though. At the very least, it disorients everyone for a second. We see a bird's-eye view of them all sitting bright red sofas on this abandoned dance club floor and everyone is silent. It all seems really strange.

Daniel asks Wendy if she is happiest designing or competing. Great question, though, per our experience with Mr. Franco, he finds it necessary to drop silly new-agey phrases into the question. Wendy's response is, "Daniel, I really appreciate this question..." and then she answers another question -- one that no one asked. She says that at least she is admitting that she participated with a strategy in mind, which she believes others did but are pretending they did not. Kara Saun, who is clearly the target of this comment, just raises her eyebrows in a look like "You really want to go there? Do you remember my renegade fashion show?" Jay reminds Wendy that "this is not Survivor!" And Kara Saun coins the now semi-famous, "Don't sell your soul to get anywhere, because you may need it one day." As everyone is agreeing with Kara Saun, we see Wendy contemplating, contemplating,, she doesn't think she'll need her soul. At least she considered it, I guess. Commercials.

Back from the break, and we see Jay -- delirious, I hope, from lack of sleep -- holding two rolls of tape and a big roll of paper as if they are cock and balls. Thank you, cutting-room floor. Not sure that was necessary.

Heidi asks what the hardest challenge was. Everyone agrees that the supermarket challenge was the hardest, both in terms of materials and because it was the first of the challenges.

Tim Gunn asks another viewer question: "What was your security blanket during the competition?" Austin answers for everyone: "Alcohol." I'm seeing an Absolut Binky campaign. Yes, anyone? Austin explains further that you spent all day in the Workshop and would need to relax later. Heidi agrees that they let it all hang out, creating the need for the term "Project Drunkway." Then, we see clips of everyone drinking. It is revealed that Austin loves champagne. We see a wonderfully comic moment of him taking a swig directly from a bottle of bubbly and accidentally spewing it over half of the room. It's like The Thin Man. Good stuff. We also see Vanessa, in a blonde wig with white icing of some sort on her face, fall from a chair at the Atlas apartments. Then, we see Vanessa (still in her wig) and Austin pretending they are Rhett and Scarlett. Robert, with a short brown wig, is told that he looks like Tony Danza, which provokes a "Yo, Angela." Kevin, Vanessa, and a briefly pantsless Jay do drunk yoga. Fun clips.

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